Eating and Favorite Hot Drink Essay

Published: 2019-12-17 08:50:18
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Do you like sweet food?|
Do you like spicy food?|
Have you ever been on a diet?|
What do you usually eat for breakfast?|
Whats your favorite hot drink?|
Whats your favorite snack food?|
Do you often eat between meals?|
Whats your favorite alcoholic drink?|
In your family, who usually cooks?|
Do you eat quickly or slowly?|
Have you used a knife and fork?|
Whats your favorite cold drink?|
How many rice do you usually order?

Example questions:
1. What kind of restaurant do you like?
2. What kind of restaurant have you most visited with your parents? 3. Have you ever been to a restaurant without your parents?
4. Do you like Italian food? Why/ why not?
5. What do you prefer?
a) eating at home b) eating out c) going to a dinner party
6. How often do you eat fast food?
7. What do you like to order at your favourite restaurant?


Determine what information you want to gather from the customers. You can ask the standard customer service survey questions (was your situation handled to your satisfaction, etc.), or you can focus your questions to gather information on areas your customer service team has difficulty with (did the rep greet you warmly, was your situation resolved on your first call, etc.). 2

Write a question for each piece of information you wish to gather from your customers. Be sure to use question types that gather the information most useful to you. Close-ended questions (Yes/No) leave no room for explanation, but give you an exact measurement. Open-ended questions allow the customer to describe their experience in more detail, but are not defined with a rank or score. 3

Begin the survey with the easier questions and build to the tougher questions. If you begin with tough questions, the customer might feel frustrated and abandon the survey. 4
Limit the number of questions as much as possible. Only include questions that provide you with valuable feedback. The shorter the survey, the more likely the customer is to fill it out completely and accurately. 5.

Include an explanation of how you will use any sensitive information and why you are asking for it. Without an explanation, the customer is likely to decline sharing such information. 6
Ask for demographic information (gender, ethnicity, marital status, etc.) only if it is valuable to your survey results. Include a note about why you are asking and how you will use the information. Ask for this type of information at the end of the survey. 7

Thank the customer for completing the survey at the end. Provide information about how the survey answers will be used, if appropriate.

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