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Published: 2019-11-29 12:02:13
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I have compared and contrasted eBooks and traditional books. There are many similarities on these different kinds of books as well as many differences. Reading is one of the most important things that have an impact on peoples life. Technology now has also made an impact on books. Now there are e-readers like: kindle, nook, and IPad. The first kind of book is the EBooks. There are many positive things about the e Books. E Books are very useful for traveling, it doesnt take much space, or it doesnt weigh much. Some EBooks also have backlight to help them when there isnt much light. EBooks are also efficient like their battery can lasts for more than 10 days. EBooks also allow the readers to format the fonts and size of the text. The second kind of book is the Traditional Books. Traditional books are available in libraries and bookstores, most of the time you can even read there because they are very quiet.

Readers pick up books and are able to visualize how close they are to conquering those books, and how far they have come in doing so. Even after you have finished reading the book you can get profit out of it by selling it. You also dont have to carry around an electronic device that you might get damaged with watch as to traditional books they pages only get wrinkled. A book seems so worthless compared to an EBook, but it has its own advantages. A book that is on a shelf would last longer than an EBook, for an e-readers battery will eventually run out, and the books that were saved in your device may get lost. A paper book is not as fragile as an e-reader, if you drop an e-reader it may get more severely damaged than a paper book. A paper books cover attracts customers with visual appeal, and the feeling of the paper itself and flipping the page is something that only paper books have. The designs of paper books tend to make them look beautiful too.

Paper books remain readable for many years, but e-books will keep develop as technology develops; so you have to frequently replace it. Some paper books also have more value than e-books, especially historical books. Despised all the differences, there are similarities between paper books and e-books. One similarity is that both paper books and e-books purpose is to give knowledge and entertain readers. Another similarity is that both books have variety of books that you could choose and read.

They also transmit the authors message to the readers. You will never get tired of reading. Paper books and e-books/e-readers are both beneficial and they are useful in different times. You dont have to worry about weight or space when you are traveling with e-readers, but the paper books give you physical appeal. So maybe e-books are better for travelers and paper books for collectors. People usually store paper books, instead of e-books in archives. Books were and will always be part of our daily life.

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