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No. Of course. This shows Franks unease over him losing control of Ritas development and how she is beginning to become more independent. We next see a jealous streak in Frank arise, Rita tells Frank that she has been invited to go to the south of France with tiger. As soon as Rita mentions it Franks is on the defensive, he makes the excuse you have your exams despite knowing that her exams are before Christmas. He then tries to stop Rita changing things such as how she speaks and acts and becoming what she believes to be proper and higher class But ¦

your going to have to change I dont know if I want to tell you¦. What you here is already valuable. Frank doesnt want Rita to become upper class and be the same as everyone else, I think that when Frank does this its not because he doesnt recognize that Rita wants to change but that he know what its like being upper class he doesnt want her to end up like him hating his life. Frank can see that Rita still sees education through rose coloured glasses and doesnt want her to have to experience what he has been through.

He wants her to remain herself Frank doesnt want her to be the same as all the other upper class people he wants her to become educated but remain herself rather than becoming a robot. The audience at the time would have been shocked by this as they all believed that the higher class you were the better you were this would be directly contrasting with their ideas of class and society at the time, Russell is actually saying that the working class people are just as valuable as the upper class which would have been seen as completely wrong.

The reader may feel sorry for Frank as Rita is pushing Frank to change her despite him knowing that she wont find what she wants in the upper class. The readers knows why Frank is doing what he is doing while Rita doesnt because she hasnt learnt education doesnt equal happiness. As the play progresses we see Frank appalled at what he has turned Rita into, He likens himself to Mary Shelly the author of Frankenstein I Think that like you I shall change my name; from now on I shall insist upon being know as Mary, Mary shelly-Do you understand the allusion Rita?

Frank thinks that Rita has become the equivalent of Frankenstein after him playing God and trying to shape her how he saw fit. Frankenstein details a scientist playing God and creating Frankenstein, after creating him he finds that he has created a monster. Willey Russell is trying to show the audience that playing God never works and its always doomed to failure. Rita attempts to change the way she speaks by using only Standard English rather than a mix of colloquial and standard I am talking properly, I have to practice constantly, in everyday situations.

Frank shows disapproval at her attempts to change when he likens her to a Dalek, Im not giving a tutorial to a Dalek. He is likening her to a robot from the BBC program Dr. Who The Daleks speech sounds very forced and has no emotion to it You havent got an ugly voice; at least you didnt have. Frank believes Ritas Dalek voice is ugly and thinks that her normal voice is much nicer thats not the only thing though he also feels like Rita is starting to lose her personality and become just another normal student.

He also shows her his distain for the upper class, Frank wants Rita to see that becoming higher class isnt the answer to everything and is not all that its cracked up to be. The audience at the time would of seen Rita trying to change herself as a joke, at the time the social barriers were strong and they would have all believed that Rita would never be able to rise up the social ladder as she was from a working class background meaning that she would never be as good as them.

In the final scene we see Frank and Rita reconcile, Rita is finally educated and the world is full of opportunities for her, she seems to be slowly realising what Frank was trying to show her all along that the upper class wasnt as amazing as she thought it was. Hes a bit of a wanker really. Rita realises that education isnt the key to happiness and that she wont be happy just because she is educated she first begins to realise this when Trish tries to commit suicide to despite her class and education.

Frank on the other hand is going even further down but despite this he seems to be quite content more so than at the start of the play. When she mentions going to France Frank is no longer defensive and instead merely takes a casual interest will you? he no longer tries to stop her. In the final part of the scene Frank gives Rita a dress, near the beginning of the play Rita talks about how she used to buy new dresses but couldnt because she spent all of her money on the tutorial.

The dress represents Franks strong desire for Rita to return the one that was different to everyone else in the upper class the one who was a breath of fresh air. Russell expresses views that are exactly the opposite to the views of society at the time through Educating Rita he uses humour to soften the blow but the book has a serious message hidden in it, that women are equal to men and should be respected. Conor Newton Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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