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Published: 2019-11-01 00:12:50
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Education is something everybody wants to attain but nobody knows how. Nevertheless, many psychologists express an idea that key qualifications and skills, that are required in contemporary life conditions, are gained out of school and college. The following statement may be supported by a number of valuable reasons, namely the students immatureness, high informational ages changeability and predomination of personal experience. As for the first reason, most young learners are reluctant to study. They pay little attention to adults, who make them spend long hours sitting with a book.

Pupils and students are by and large considered responsible for their future. To be on the level, it sometimes turns out to be much more enjoyable to play hooky with counterparts, rather than to develop essential skills, at least when young. The second statement covers both the possibility and the necessity of life-long education, which means that in modern world each piece of knowledge is useful. While school and college allow students to acquire specific qualifications, the outer sources of information fill the gap with most urgent news.

The real goal is to get through the flow of information and be flexible enough to change ones point of view immediately. The third reasons supporting example is the hot teapot, staying on the cooker, which is told to be extremely dangerous. But if we are misfortunate to prove that ourselves, we will certainly become 100 times more careful with kitchen utensil. The same thing might happen to graduates, who have just tasted some bitter working obstacles. Being taught at school and at work will never be the same.

To recapitulate the above reasons, either school or college provide us with basic knowledge we are simply too young to concentrate on. Apart from this, we get permanent information that would further be influenced by a variety of conditions. And, finally, one will be ensured in anything in case he/she experiences it oneself. Academic studies should just play a role of a start-up, after which one should progress through different life stages. Therefore, most important things seem to be understood long after graduation.

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