Effect of Exercise Training During Lactation Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The article chose review is Effect of exercise training on loss of bone mineral density during lactation. The purpose of this study was to determine whether exercise slows bone loss from four to twenty postpartum. The problem was that during lactation women move breast milk. After finishing breast feeding bone mass usually returns to pre pregnancy but not in all and this is the problem. The participants were healthy ,nonsmoking , sedentary ,exclusively breast feeding women with a body mass index of twenty to thirty kg.m.women were not allowed to join if they had cesarean delivery or if the exercise more than two days a week three months before. There were twenty participants all together. They all were cleared by a physician before participating.

The instruments and test used for this experiment was for the body composition and bone density they used a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. For the assessment of cardio respiratory fitness and strength a sub maximal graded treadmill test was used. For the assessment of dietary intake by twenty four hour recall over the telephone using the nutrition data system for research software. For exercise intervention women were randomly assigned to either an EG or a CG. For the statistical analysis data were analyzed with JMP software.

The testing procedures were with the body composition a whole- body was given three times a week and a step phantom were given one day a week .With the assessment cardio respiratory fitness and strength did sub maximal graded treadmill test were used. Exercise intervention used a complete sixteen week home based exercise program. The results were The EG lost a lot less LS BMD than CG. They were no great differences in total body and hip BMD. Both groups loss fat mass but, EG lost less lean body mass. Maximal strength increased by 34% to 221% for EG in the CG changed from -5.7% to 12%. These results suggest that resistance and aerobic exercise may slow bone loss during lactation.

In these experiments I felt like some of the strengths were that this was a good experiment to do. That it would help a lot of women because a lot of women have babies during the time that they are trying to build up bone density. I also like how in depth the experiment went. Strength was that they gave them specific training program that they can do from home. Which I feel is extremely important especially to new born moms. This article is important to me because I myself want to be a mom some day and bone density is important to me .My grandmother has osteoporosis so increasing my bone density is very important to me. I think I can use this in my future profession by informing my pregnant patients and mothers that are already breast feeding about this and showing them ways to improve bone density.

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