Effects of Smoking Essay

Published: 2020-02-23 03:51:46
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The cause and effect essay on smoking, informative speech on tattoos talks about how cigarette smoking has devastating effects on the human body and at the same time it discusses about various myths and facts about tattoos. According to scientists, there are many reasons why people indulge in smoking some of which include: Peer pressure, lack of knowledge about the risks involved in smoking, being brought up in a household or environment where people smoke regularly, feelings of stress, fatigue and anxiety and many more.

If you have smoked for a long period of time, you begin to develop stained teeth which are usually yellow in color. You can get your teeth whitened but as long as you continue smoking, the stain will resurface. Smoking also interferes with your taste buds and smelling senses. Smokers lose the ability to taste and smell things normally like they used to.

You will smell of tobacco all the time but you will not notice it and your meals begin to become tasteless because your taste buds are not functioning properly. Other smoking effects include lung cancer, insomnia, asthma, heart disease, stroke and poor blood circulation. According to the cause and effect essay on smoking, informative speech on tattoos, it talks about the stereotypes for tattoos and how sailors tattooed their bodies according to the myths which stated that tattoos were believed to prevent any form of evil spirits and bring good luck to the individual wearing the tattoo.

People have also been tattooed forcibly as a form of identification, for example the prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps Today you can choose to have a permanent or temporary tattoo without anyone noticing it. Obtaining a tattoo is no longer regarded as a form of sub-culture like the ancient days but rather it is considered as a form of art and expression of ones personal feelings towards something or someone.

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