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Published: 2020-02-06 01:03:08
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Aim: To design a simple electrical circuit for Doctors Surgery to let people know when to enter and also to research and learn more about parallel and series circuits.


I am going to design an electric circuit for a Doctors surgery.

There are two types of circuits Parallel circuit, and Series circuit.

First I am going to explain what a circuit is and what the differences they have are.

An electric current is a flow of charge. The charges are given energy and made of flow using a cell or a battery. Charges can flow easily through connecting wire. The cell, wires, lamp and a switch, all these components are connected together and make a loop called a circuit.

Current will only flow through a component if there is a voltage across that component.

Voltage is the driving force that pushes the current round.

Parallel Circuit

In a parallel circuit you can add more components without the need for more voltage.

In a parallel circuit a failure of one component does not lead to the failure of the complete circuit, this is because a parallel circuit has more than on loop and all have to fail in more than one place before the other components fail.

Series Circuit

In series circuit (which I will be designing for the surgery) is a loop of wire with its ends connected to an energy source or a battery.

One end of the wire is connected to the positive terminal; the other end of the wire is connected to the negative terminal.

Series Circuit has all their components connected in a row on a loop of wire.

If one component in a series circuit fails, then all the other components in the circuit will fail. A series circuit has just one current flow.

Here I have drawn two diagrams of a parallel circuit and a series circuit which show what they look like and what they differences are.

This is a Parallel Circuit

This is a Series Circuit


In this experiment I will design a Series Circuit; to build up a series circuit I will need the equipments below;


Building up an series circuit

To build up a series circuit first I have to collect all the equipments one by one.

I am going to explain and also draw diagrams of to build up the series circuit step by step.

Firstly I took a bulb and a switch and connect them to the power supply using two wires as shown on Fig.1

Fig. 1

Then I added another wire form the bulb to the switch.

Fig. 2

Now the series circuit has been connected and is a circuit but I need to attach a buzzer as well.

To attach the buzzer I will need two crocodile clips and connect it to the bulb as shown on the diagram below on Fig 3.

Fig.3 this is the Circuit which I will use for the Doctors Surgery.

All the components (switch, battery, bulb, wires and buzzer) are connected together and electricity now can pass through and the series circuit is ready to use.

How does this circuit work in the surgery?

The series circuit is quite simple; when all the components are attached the electricity can pass through.

When the doctor is ready for the patient to come in, they will press the switch, then the light will turn on and the buzzer will make sound, so then the patient knows when to go in.

When the switch is open

Eliminated sign

Throughout this experiment I have learned quite a lot. I have learned more about electricity, what a circuit is and how it works.

Before the experiment I did some research which gave me an idea about how series circuit and parallel circuits work and also what to expect from this experiment.

When the experiment was taken the results showed exactly how I expected them in a series circuit.

There were no assumptions but I knew I that I had to be careful when setting up a circuit because the wires and all the other components had o be connected correctly otherwise the current will not flow and there would be a failure.

This is a Series Circuit so it had to be done correctly. If it was a parallel circuit I would not worry much whether all the bulbs would work because as mentioned on the Introduction in parallel circuit the components are connected in parallel and the electric current can flow through them separately, so if one bulb doesnt work the rest of the bulbs do work.

If I had the opportunity to do this experiment again, I would add more bulbs and also another switch.

I think that perhaps only one bulb and the circuit if very simple for the surgery, so in future I would add two bulbs different colours Red and Blue, Red to flash when the doctor is not available and Blue when the doctor is available and when the patient can enter. I would also try and do the parallel as well, but again there are not that many differences between them so if I was to do the parallel circuit I have an idea of what it is going to look and how it works.

I still feel that the experiment went well and there were no errors, I am proud of the results and how I managed to build up the Series Circuit and how I managed to find loads of information about the electricity.

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