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Published: 2020-02-23 11:21:18
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Changes are the only thing constant in world. One of the very momentous events that lead to a very promising turning point was when my family and I came to United States without any knowledge about the English language, but I made it through by trying very hard and of course by the help of my parents, they motivated me and inspired me to strive hard. Though sometimes I feel very tired and disappointed, feeling that nobody will accept me if I fail, my parents were still there for me through thick and thin. I can say that they are my great motivators. I learned to be very diligent in everything I do, and did not want to settle for mediocrity.

I always wanted to achieve whats best. I started high school with ESL (English as Second Language) level 2. After 1. 5 years in ESL program, I took the ESL displacement test and qualify for studying regular English which is not in ESL anymore. I finished AP-Calculus when I was 11th grade, then I started to take the next level of Calculus in college. I graduated with honors from De Anza high school in 2006, with the Certificate of Life Membership California Scholarship Federation (CSF). That time I also received an Achievement Award from Bank of America in the Field of Mathematics during the time.

It was in my high school years when I figure out that Physics and Math are my favorite subjects. I saw my parents and my sister go to work from day to night for 7 days/week. I feel really bad because I couldnt help them because I am still studying that time. The only reward or thing that I could give them is when they see me studying diligently, and always burning the candle; that is the time when they all feel so proud of me and then all their hard work are all worth it. That gave me so much motivation that I should achieve something so that I would be able to help them.

I know that even by not telling me, I could strongly sense it that they are relying on me. I know that I am their only hope towards a brighter future of our family when we first came to United States. What my parents, and my sister told me is an invisible force that strengthens me, let me overcome my problems and troubles in school, and in daily life. I dont want my parents to be disappointed at their son, and my sister to be disappointed at her brother. So after I graduated from High school I got a part time job at a gasoline station. Having a sideline and being a full time college student is not that easy.

There would always be inevitable circumstances that would come the way. I know that it is not that easy to maintain a good grade, and to balance my class schedules and the shifting in my work. I could still remember when I had a scheduled exam but then I also had a scheduled shift at the gas station, I was so confused on what to do. I chose to take the exam because I know without education I could not achieve anything in my life, but then after that I talked to my boss and explained to him my side and I was just so thankful enough that he understood me.

Being a worker and a student at the same time is never that easy. But I have no choice, I love my family and I am very much willing to help them in my own little way. My experience as a cashier in the gasoline station helped me a lot in my communication skill, especially in speaking the English language. Yes, there were times when I felt so tired, down, weary and so stressed out but I kept on moving because I always thought of my family. The future of my family always flash on my mind wherever I go, its like a wake up call, but I am thankful because through it I will always remember my family.

My family is the reason why I am working so hard. I want to be the best of what I can be for my family. I know United States is the land of opportunities. A land flowing with milk and honey for those who strive. This keeps me going on amidst everything that comes my way that tries to destroy me. This gives me strength knowing how to be successful in life. Through that experience, I became more aggressive n achieving my dreams. I have been in so many travails but I still managed to stand firm and proud. I know that in due time I am going to reap something from my labor and I know that my labor is not in vain.

After I graduated from high school, I enrolled at Contra Costa College. I am Electrical Engineer Major. Im a student at the Center of Science Excellence (CSE) program of Contra Costa College. This program requires students, who must have certain knowledge of math and physics for the qualification of enrollment. When students enrolled in this program, they must be able to guide or tutor as well as help others students about Math, Physics and all sciences classes. Also student in this program must currently enroll in mentoring class INDIS -095 (3 units) in every semester, that explains why my unit is over 80 semester units.

In INDIS -095, instructors show students of CSE program the best way to on how to explain and solve problems to others, we also have chance to talk pretty much to instructors about their experiences on how to be successful in life and we got the chance to share our experiences to each other. This class is very helpful. Sometimes, in this class I also have opportunities to talk to senior engineers about my major field. They explain and show me what I should do to keep me on the right track and they also explain about many selections from Electrical Engineer major field.

That made me understand more about what will be my job in the future. I learned that Electrical Engineering deals with the planning, designing, and building of all kinds of electrical systems and equipments and Electrical Engineers generally specialize in such fields as electronics, the production and distribution of electric power, lighting, or communication. Im also enrolling in Math-875N, Computer Assisted Tutoring, where in I can help students about the basics on how to use computer. By enrolling in these programs I developed more patience for others, I gained more friends and I learned how to communicate well with them.

I can see that my communication skills really improved a lot. Through that experience I understood that the best way to learn something is helping others. When I taught a student, I am also challenge to know more about the course because the student that I am helping also has some queries. Through it we are exchanging knowledge, it is like a give and take event. During college, I can see how I am getting depth towards Math and Physics, and the more these two subjects interest me. I can see how they are related to each other. Physics-230 was the class which gave me a hint to what I like and what should my major be.

I like to study about electricity and circuits, how to make it work, and how to design it. I still remember my first lab project, which I did in Physics-230 was to make a circuit of flashing light by following my instructors directions. After that I really want to get deeper into it to understand how the circuit boards and electricity really work. Thats why I placed myself as major of Electrical Engineer with the hope that I can understand more about electricity circuits and that I will be able to design my own circuit later.

Computer is also one of my favorite, not for playing but for self studying about graphic design-Photoshop, window system, and fixing and replacing computer hard wares. Right now, Im studying programming with C++, which is very interesting to me. I hope when I know more about it, I will be able to apply C++ to solve problems in Math, Physics, and also I could use C++ to deal with electricity circuits. In my opinion, math, physics and computer, are all related with each other. Fall of 2006 was very tough semester for me, during this time I was studying in Contra Costa College.

My family received a bad news from our country, that my grandmother had a heart attack. The doctor asked us if my family wants to see my grandmother for the last time. If we do then we should comeback as soon as possible. I have no option but to drop all my classes and go back to our own country with my mom. I know for sure that I will get W (withdraw) for all my classes, but I had no choice at all. First and foremost I wanted to see my dying grandmother for the last time; second, because I couldnt let my mom go back to my country by herself full of hurts and fears.

And so I did, I did have more than 5 W- withdraw in my transcript because of that event. The reasons were clear to me, it was because of my work that sometimes I am unable to attend classes because I dont have a flexible schedule and the other one was due to my grandmothers heart attack. These events did not stop me from achieving and continue my dreams like I did before. I know that an Engineer must have a substantial knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry and other fundamental sciences; I believe I have enough knowledge inculcated in me for me to become an efficient and skilled Electrical Engineer.

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