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Published: 2020-02-19 06:40:56
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With sheer passion towards Electronics since my childhood, I always dreamt of developing a master hand at electrical engineering. That was my early day fascination. With more outlook and worldly knowledge I gained with the passage of time in my life, I understood that Electrical engineering is a vast area of study and application and it requires a lot to master it. From there on, I took every careful and contemplated measure to ultimately make electrical engineering as my purpose of life.

I chose Electronic & Communication Engineering as my major in my bachelor program and now with sufficient knowledge of fundamentals in Electronics, I am applying for an admission in one of the most prestigious universities, which is Bradley University in United States of America. I have always been an appealingly performing student that I always made it sure that the academic credentials from my end never saw a down fall. To prove that, I am providing my previous academic details, firstly, I have completed my 10th standard in the year 2007 with a score of 84. 6%.

Later, I moved to my 12th grade in which I scored much impressive percentage than that of my 10th which was 91. 5%. With abundance of excitement, enthusiasm and passion, I enrolled myself for Bachelor in Technology program in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in the year 2009 in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) department and been successfully pursuing my B. Tech with an aggregate of 74. 96%. This score in my bachelor program from our university is considered as an exceptional score because of our university standards and the difficult level of its curriculum.

This all had been possible because of my profound passion towards Electrical engineering and everlasting fascination, which otherwise can be said ever growing. Embedded Systems fascinated me the most from the first time I ever entered my engineering curriculum. These gave me a wide scope to look in depth about the embedded software and hardware synthesis to which I really got intrigued. Areas like design methodology, distributed and networked systems, and system verification and validation are highly diverse and deep in nature. Exploring the nook corners of these areas of study has become my ambition.

Coming back to my passion for Electrical engineering and the reason behind choosing Bradley University, right after my graduation in 2013, I have been searching for an all round institution which offers extra ordinary education in the field of electrical engineering. Primarily, my search results declared that no other country other than United States of America could do justice to education in Electronics. In USA, my hunt for prime institutions stopped when I found Bradley University. Located in Peoria, Illinois. Bradley University offers magnanimous number of courses to students in different areas of study.

With its focused specialization and emphasis in the field of Electronics, it stands among the most remarkable institutions for Electrical engineering in the country. The faculty the university has embraced, the infrastructure it has got, the facilities it offers to students, what not? Everything in the features list of Bradley University makes it a prime place to pursue Masters in Electrical Engineering. Provided an admission, I take an oath not to disappoint the university officials for granting me an admission at the university and Id be a worthy student.

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