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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The objective of the case is the effective and efficient implementation of the empowerment campaign of the company to arrest the managements problem on product sales , and low morale of employees

Determine what went wrong in the empowerment campaign and what strategies should managers employ if in a similar situation.


1.Barbara Russell had a hard time convincing the employees to support her campaign because of the following reasons: * being new in her position, she has yet to prove her worth in the new position. she is yet to earn the trust and respect of the employees especially of those who were with the company longer than her. * As someone who represents management, she is met with scepticism and distrust because employees felt that her primary concern is the interest of management and the company * On the one hand, Barbara Russell has her strength too, she is earnest, creative, willing to try new things and passionate about her work.

2. The employees did not support the empowerment campaign because of the following reasons: The low morale of the employees because of the recent dismal performance of the company in the market. The employees felt that the empowerment campaign is just lip service and will not actually empower them in terms of job and financial security. The idea seemed vacuous to the employees because they felt they are not directly benefitting from the campaign

3. There were specific actions and activities that were critical in the failure of the campaign

It was wrong for Martin Griffin to get out in the middle of an important presentation, his sudden departure from the meeting allowed the department heads to verbalize their skepticism and doubts about the project thus creating a bandwagon mentality that was detrimental to the failure of the project at such a critical period.


1. The company should strategize when introducing the Empowerment Campaign. * Launched the campaign with an event, like a program to be attended by management and the employees to create more impact. * Give an empowerment bonus or benefit to the employees * Offer early retirement package to qualified employees

Pros employees will feel part of the empowerment campaign Cons additional cost for the company

2. During the workshop with problem solving teams, they could have regrouped members of each team in such a way that each team should have a representative from each department of the company so that issues and concerns that may not seem too obvious on team members belonging to the same department could have been raised and discussed and resistance like what happened during the presentation to the department heads could have been avoided. Pros This will develop camaraderie among employees and familiarity to each others functions and roles. Cons Some employees might find this tedious and unnecessary


1. When introducing new ideas make sure the employees can relate it to the basic mission and goals of the company, Make a presentation plan so that it will be systematic, concise and aligned with the goals of the company. Also be transparent about the present situation of the company in terms of market share, financial status and other relevant facts that would be interest and valuable to the employees.

2. When creating new schemes or systems that would involved the whole company, for it to be taken seriously and with enthusiasm always take into considerations the possibility of financial rewards to the employees in relation to positive results and productivity.

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