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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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I chose to look at the Metros November 6, 2007 newspaper, to explore the way elements in newspapers combine to give meanings to the reader. The masthead is always at the top of the newspaper it is big so it can be seen from far. It is designed for the reader to distinguish what newspaper they are reading; it also has their website under the masthead www. metro. co. uk for future reference. In the top corner of the masthead there is a poppy. The poppy symbolises respect to the all the soldiers that died in all conflicts.

The poppy also shows pride. The newspaper is in full print colour. This also attracts the readers attention into picking up the newspaper. In the top right corner of the newspaper it advertises a competition where the readers can WIN Tickets to Europes coolest ski event you can see the WIN is in capital font. The newspaper uses the word Coolest which means it has double meaning to that as well the event is going to be the finest it also says it is going to be the coldest.

It makes the audience desire for the trip. The headline for todays paper is Emissions head for record high. The keywords of the headline is record high, the readers may feel fear, as if the greenhouse gas emissions are high it may even go higher, which damages our planet. And there is proof against that in the word record. They also may get panicked as they may think that the world is going to end soon.

But mostly they may be angry, as the audience may say it wasnt their fault for all the factories to keep releasing smoke from their chimneys, and the audience might have nothing to cause it, and that China is the country that caused more of the greenhouse effect. The headline is under the masthead. It is also in big as it goes across the page. This is to attract the readers attention, so the reader is encouraged to choose to take the newspaper. There isnt a picture to go with the story but it says Turn to Page 2. On page two is where the story will carry on.

We expect to have a picture with every story as pictures may persuade us to buy the newspaper as there is a saying A pictures tells a thousand words it is also like that when you see a picture relating to the news you are reading you can find out what is happening from the picture or you can try work it out yourself. The story is about how the pollution levels now are really the highest its been so far. And the pollution rates are going t increase within years. China has overtaken the US as the Worlds biggest polluter.

Also on the newspaper there are two other stories one to the right side of the newspaper Lawyers take on the riot police but this is not as big as the headline. There is also a picture to go along with the title it shows the riot in Pakistan. The police are in protective wear, and the people are trying to push past the police but are struggling. The people who are pushing past the police are people wearing suits. You dont usually see people in suits fighting with the police. So this picture will catch the readers attention as they will feel confused upon the people in suits and police.

The second story is to the bottom of the page, Booby traps, ambushes, and the fear of being maimed and the suffering of loved ones. This is bomb disposal on the front line Page 17. This wants the audience to feel sympathy towards the man and his family in the picture. As he keeps risking his life, to disconnect the bombs. There are two pictures, one of the man and one of the bomb. There are two pictures as one shows the person and the bomb to show how he keeps cheating death and how he risks his life to disconnect bombs.

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