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Published: 2020-01-05 03:31:05
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Conflict is an integral part of human nature, in which we all experience in our daily lives. The responses to conflict determine whether a resolution takes place, or whether the conflict at hand is perpetuated and escalated, to the point where a resolution is impossible. Persistence of conflict can occur due to religion and moral values. Intrapersonal conflict may arise, as one may seek to defend their religious values and morality, which can perpetuate a situation and cause the onset of other forms of conflict to result. The influence of gender roles in society can also cause a persistence in conflict to occur. Due to these factors, conflict generally persists and escalates, as opposed to being resolved. However, in some cases, individuals can prevent the persistence of conflict by employing rational and peacemaking strategies when encountering issues.

Those who hold strong religious and moral values, react in stern and desperate ways, causing an exacerbation and escalation of conflict. The religious conflict between Palestinians and Israelites is very much affected by the religious beliefs of the various sides. Such tension has caused territorial disputes and physical conflict to occur in the middle-east. Moreover, disputes between Jews and Palestinians has escalated and translated to other parts of the world, France in particular. Acts of conflict between Jews and Arabs has resulted reported issues of acts of violence against Jews in France to increase from one in 1998 to nine in 1999 to 116 in 2000. This escalation of physical conflict on a broader global scale has ultimately been caused by the religious conflict initially present in the Middle-East.

Similarly, Raziehs religion causes the onset of other forms of conflict to occur and escalation to result. The internal conflict experienced by Razieh involving her religious values enforced a maintenance of her moral high ground as a religious woman. Naders accusation upon Razieh of theft, caused the onset of physical conflict to occur, whereby Raziehs persistence to reason with Nader that she didnt steal the money in order maintain her morality made him furious, as she pushes her out of his apartment. This resulted in Razieh accusing Nader of murdering her baby, which escalated their interpersonal conflict manifest into a complicating and damaging legal matter. In the midst of conflict, religion can play a vital role in the exacerbation and persistence of dispute. The characteristics of gender roles in society can result in a persistence of conflict to occur.

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