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Published: 2019-12-07 06:31:38
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It is a 10 pages paper with 6 works cited. In this paper we will discusses some of the important issues related to immigration laws. We will discuss U. S. federal laws which cover the issue of illegal entry into this country. How they are involved in acquiring jobs illegally. To what extent the law enforcement of federal immigration laws falls under the duties and responsibilities of a local police office. Introduction Debate over illegal immigration and policy to control such an activity, is not new to the nations history.

Much in the way of policies and procedures has changed; one aspect, however, has remained constant: the existence of illegal immigration. Its been long that Congress debated legislation to control the immigration problem. As illegal immigration is raising more, laws will be carried out demanding to release some of the pressure. Undocumented individuals offer cheaper labor to businesses. These individuals do not get minimum wage, but instead they get paid lower, this gives the business an edge over other competitors by facilitating the employers. , Laws concerning Illegal Immigration

United States federal laws have defined specific criteria for distinguishing between legal and illegal immigrant. The claws are as follows (a) Except as provided in subsection (b) and subsection (c) no immigrant shall be admitted into the United States unless at the time of application for admission he (1) has a valid unexpired immigrant visa or was born subsequent to the issuance of such visa of the accompanying parent, and (2) presents a valid unexpired passport or other suitable travel document, or document of identity and nationality, if such document is required under the regulations issued by the Attorney General.

With respect to immigrants to be admitted under quotas of quota areas prior to June 30, 1968, no immigrant visa shall be deemed valid unless the immigrant is properly chargeable to the quota area under the quota of which the visa is issued. Illegal Employment An individual must have a valid Social Security Number to legally work and live within any of the United States state. Non citizens, needs to get an authorization from the Department of Homeland Security to work according to US laws.

However on the other hand there a numerous illegal immigrants seek and engage in work devoid of authorization from the government. The United States has laws requiring individuals to have legal documentation, mostly intended to stop the employment of illegal immigrants. The penalties against employers are not always enforced consistently, which means that employers can easily use illegal labor. Undocumented immigrants are especially popular with employers as they can easily abuse them by violating minimum wage laws protected in the knowledge that illegal workers dare not report their employers to the police.

It is a crime to hire an immigrant, to employ an immigrant, or to refer an immigrant for a fee, knowing the immigrant is not permitted to work in any state of America. It is farther a crime to let the illegal immigrant work intentionally knowing that the person is not permitted to work. In most of the cases the employers preferably employ or recruit an illegal immigrant as compared to an American national they can easily be exploited. It is illegal to employ an individual for a job in the United States without complying with work eligibility verification requirements defined by the federal law.

Requisites include inspection of identity documents and submission of Form I-9 for each worker hired. Employers should keep in record of I-9s Form of every individual employed as they are bound to present it to federal legislatives if asked. Employment embraces all sorts of work or labor performed for any type of compensation within America, with the excluding sporadic domestic service any individual in a private home. Day laborers or other casual workers involved in any remunerated activity are workers for purposes of immigration law.

An employer is an agent or an individual involved directly or indirectly in the benefit of the worker. For purposes of verification of authorization to work, employer also means an independent contractor, or a contractor other than the person using the alien labor. The use of temporary or short-term contracts cannot be used to circumvent the employment authorization verification requirements. If employment is to be for less than the usual three days allowed for completing the I-9 Form requirement, the form must be completed immediately at the time of hire.

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