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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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For my Register piece of homework, I have been asked to create a formal/informal argument.

For my formal argument, Ive decided to base it on fox hunting. My argument, will be more of a debate. But, I will persist in using formal language through out. I will have an opposing argument, which will constantly try to diminish the other opposing argument. This will remain in a formal manner through-out!

For my informal argument, Ive decided to base it on the smoking. I will try to keep a constant flow of informal language. This argument will be based on a friend smoking, and an opposing friend will try to talk them into stop smoking.

As you may have noticed, both of these topics have been frequently in the newspapers recently.

Formal Register:

As summer was coming to an abrupt close, the distant, ice-cold wind travelled abruptly over the neglected heath. A drowsy silence lay over the large, houses of the enclosed street. The cars, which were yet so strident, were soundless once more. The cars which had a dusty golden silhouette stood in their once abandoned home, upon the lawns that were once silently glimmering in an emerald green. Shadows were restlessly awakening from their dormant situate, creeping blissfully, upon the heath.

The noise on the street was deafening, despite the perceptible silence. A high-pitched vitriolic squeal erupted from a near by place, causing all to awaken once more. The squeal, was yet so peaceful, it was also undeniably so. Yet, it was so venomous, as if it had been awakening; from a pro-longed slumber.

A voice unexpectedly came from a near by house, a soothing voice, a voice with reason, with passion. This was only too met, by one not so soothing, but on the contra irritating, and without reason.

¦ The man said in an almost, undeniable lucid tone¦ The whole debate on foxhunting is for many people, the issue of cruelty. Hunt supporters say hunting is kinder than the alternatives. Opponents say hunting is cruel and unnecessary. Gestured the man in a very irritated voice, as though he had repeated this upon many occasions. It was as though, he possessed a voice of reason. The man spoke as if he alone could speak for those who could not.

B¦ bu¦ but¦ The other man retorted in an exasperated tone. As though judgment, had already been passed upon him, as though he had already been judged, on the very thing which, enables him to boil with passion¦ The sport of Fox-Hunting.

A silently deadly glare burned within the other mans eyes, as if he was silently condemning the man to eternal damnation. Rapidly, the wind howled with an unforgivable anger. It has fortunately passed, as soon as it arrived. And it was gone once more¦

No, I dont want to hear it. Ive heard it all before, youve always claimed fox-hunting shouldnt be banned. Alas, you still fail to recognize how inhumane it is, to kill a fox. Said the other man; in a slightly exasperated voice.

Oh, be quiet. He said. You always take that route; you just try to claim the honorable position here, without even explaining why it should be banned.

Oh well I guess youre right. I suppose¦ He retorted cowardly¦

Silence fell upon the room. There was noise no more, not even a single tap. Alas, it was as though he had no more retorts. No more reports to justify why this despicable act should be banned¦

¦ Then suddenly¦

I would like to make it quite clear that we cannot proceed on banning fox hunting because its unnecessary. A lot of people who want the ban argue that it is unnecessary so it should be banned. The man said in a monotonous tone, alas, this statement was arid, and didnt consist of any justification. Silence fell once more¦

You claim that its wrong, yes? You claim that its, immoral. Yet, you havent attempted to try this sport. So much for your philosophy¦ To try everything once. I can clearly see how your philosophy, has played a big part in your pedantic views.

The man got up, almost instantaneously to the echoing of this very profound sentence. He walked, silently. To one end of the room, then back. Gathering his thoughts, his views. He thought to himself My views are undeniably not pedantic, I have very clear, and non-obscure views. Unlike his¦

Informal Register:

My informal register work, will be done in a script way. I will have two characters; one will be called Scott, the other Mathew. Scott, will be the non-smoker, thus making him the opposing argument. While Mathew is the smoker.

Scott: Why the hell did you take up smoking, you idiot?

Mathew: What?! Since when as it been up to you to decide what I do? Its my damn life¦ Ill do what I bloody damn well want to do. Keep out of my business¦

Scott: Clam down, you fool. Well, youre my friend, and Ill damn well get involved in your business, as you like to call it.

Mathew: Whatever¦

Scott: Youll only end up having cancer, its not worth it. Do you think it makes you look cool? You know, smoking that is.

Mathew: Cancer beats the bloody alternative¦ who in their right mind would want to grow old? Idiot¦

Scott: Growing old is a part of life, you know. As they say Ignorant is bliss. You want to die, do you? Youll never see your cowing grandchildren grow up. The alternative to that is cancer, so I disagree with your comment. Who the hell would want cancer¦ the murderer without a conscious. You still havent answered my question, do you think its cool? Does it make you look big, n hard, in front of your mates?

Mathew: Do you think I give a crap? I couldnt give a damn whether it made me look cool, hard, or whatever! Why dont you bugger off?

Scott: Whatever man¦ youre an idiot. A fool, you know they talk about you, right? Everyones saying you smell n stuff like that¦ See, smoking does that. But, I suppose you dont give a damn?

Mathew: Yeah, thats right. Glad we got that stupid crap out of the way.

Scott: Your answer to everything isnt it, Yeah, thats right? Why dont you bugger off? I dont want to have someone smoking around me, do I?

Mathew: Well, why you still here then? I dont want you here, bugger off.

Scott: Why dont you just quit? Its not good for you¦

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