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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Epiphany means a sudden manifestation or perception of the true nature or meaning of something. It can also be explained as a spontaneous grasp of reality through something mostly simple and striking. When two thoughts or ideas come together to make a spark of understanding that finally forms a new meaning, it can be considered as an epiphany. For example, atoms combine to make a molecule that produces energy. It should not be based on the established facts and already known concepts. It should not be based on any rigid ideology. It should instead be a sudden splash of understanding, a new revelation to the reader.

Epiphanies should be clever, insightful and funny. It should never be offensive that hurt any individuals or groups feelings (free of ethnic jokes and other offensive matters). Epiphanies are also supposed to be original and significant (Showstack, 2005). Let us go through few epiphanies. Some people are fountains of love. Others are vacuums. Stay away from the vacuums (Showstack, 2005). Life is a test you cant study for, the questions are not clear, you are never sure what the answers are, and you dont learn your final score until its too late. In other words, its just like the SAT (Showstack, 2005).

When a man and woman get married, the woman expects the man to change, the man expects the woman not to change, and they are both wrong (Showstack, 2005). It is harder to ask an intelligent question than to give an intelligent answer (Showstack, 2005). We need illusions. Illusions are imaginary walls that block us from seeing the dangers all around us. Without illusions, we could not move forward, let alone continue to live. We also need dreams. Dreams are mirages in the distance. We may never reach them, but we discover all sorts of interesting things as we fight our way towards them (Showstack, 2005).

A babys smile is Gods message that the world should go on. Anticipating is better than getting, but doing is better than worrying. There are two bad ways to die slowly or quickly (Showstack, 2005) I would like to include an epiphany that influenced me the most Which is nobler: to act morally because you are afraid of divine retribution if you do evil or to act morally because it is the right thing to do (Showstack, 2005). This particular epiphany has been in my thought for long time. I also doubted whether it is better to be good because of fear of God or it is better to be good according to our conscience.

After deep thinking I came to a conclusion that it is better to be good because we mind our conscience. It is true that fear of God brings wisdom. However people who do not fear God also should be good in order to make this world a better place to live. Fear of God is found only in few people. However every individual has conscience that would prick if he or she does something bad. Conscience is the Bible for such ones. They prefer to do good because they want to do what is right. This is indeed the best method to be good.


Richard Showstack, ePIFfunnies. Infinity publishing, West Conshohocken, PA. 2005.

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