Performance in Basketball and Badminton Essay

Published: 2020-01-24 20:41:42
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Mostly stood at top of key waiting for people to pass to him and so did little movement Major strengths of activity one- Basketball 1. Very good natural speed, able to keep up with the pace of the game 2. Natural accuracy when passing and shooting at short range 3. Good control of ball able to move at speed and hold control 4. Held his position as point guard well 5. kept away from opposition tackles Major weaknesses of activity one- Basketball.

1. Over confidence when playing against people he thought he was better than 2. Over exerted himself and got tired 3. Head down when dribbling and missed lots of movement off the ball 4. Unable to throw ball long distances accurately Major strengths of activity 2-Badminton 1. Short serve was effective in troubling their opponent. 2. Able to clear the net 90% of the game. 3. Net shots were good and they made the opponent struggle to return. 4. Good at using tactics to beat their opponent. 5. Smash was powerful and well positioned most of the time. Major weaknesses of activity 2-Badminton 1. Lack of power in most shots. 2. Grip on racket was too tight so he couldnt control the racket effectively. 3. Movement on court was lacking and he didnt return to the centre of court often enough. 4. Overhead clear was not powerful enough to force opponent to play from the back of the court.

Evaluation of Basketball

This activity was not performed too well by the candidate. The subjects passing was weak, inaccurate and predictable so it was very hard to receive his passes. When receiving a pass he often went straight into dribbling this meant that he instantly lost his triple threat position. His shooting was often wayward of the basket and he could only score 50% of his lay-ups and rarely hit a shot from any distance. When laying up he took 3 steps to settle himself in and this in a game would be a travelling violation, which means that even if he scored the basket would not count to the score of the team and he would give away possession of the ball.

In comparison with the rest of the group his skills were below average as the group were a top set PE group and most had a relatively good command of the group. His dribbling however was not too bad and the technique was similar to the demonstration given by the teacher in the fact that the ball was kept close to the body and the fingers were used to control the ball. His knowledge of the skill however was limited as he continued to double dribble on occasions, particularly when setting up for a shot or a pass. He also mainly used his right hand and when trying with his left he quickly lost control and dropped the ball then he was not fully committed to regaining control and instead of chasing the ball he pulled up and gave up the chase.

Off the ball he was unable to gain a good position when on offence and never made any cuts into the key and he was always trying to get behind the ball this made him little threat towards the defensive side. When on defence he always chased the ball wherever it went and this left a hole in the defence that was easy to get through and this is a game-losing flaw in his skills. The group were performing a specific defensive strategy that the subject didnt seem to understand.

Compared to players who were seemingly good at basketball his overall skills were relatively poor. Overall his abilities in basketball are not effective but he could improve a lot and be good enough to hold his position in a game situation. His levels of fitness seemed to be quite high, particularly his speed over short distances, but his enthusiasm during the game seemed to affect his endurance because as the game progressed he seemed to be suffering from fatigue and the rest of the group were then able to take command of the game.

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