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Published: 2020-01-22 07:02:46
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Introduction Paragraph:
●Hook Comparing Beowulf to my hero, David. Both courageous fighting against evil ●Thesis Unexpected heroes to defeat great evil.

Body Paragraph 1:
●Strongest point
●Introduction Heros dont always come from our current Military, some dont even come from the same country as we are. Having faith, sometimes a hero is the least likely person you may think. ●Examples Beowulf was an outside and unexpected hero to the people as well as David was the unexpected choice to battle against Goliath. ●Explanation

●Conclusion that ties to thesis

Body Paragraph 2:
●Weakest point Beofulf and David have songs sung about their victories in defeating their enemies ●Introduction
●Conclusion that ties to thesis

Body Paragraph 3:
●Second-strongest point The two heroes in the story fight evil on their own terms, no swords or heavy amour. To be on equal terms so to speak with the evil they battle. They both relied on the will of God for protection. (Beowulf, unknown, lns 170-174) ●Introduction

●Examples During Davids fight against Goliath (He dressed in his common tunic, carrying his shepherds staff, slingshot and a sack with stones ●Explanation THE PRINT OF GOLIATHS SPEAR IS THE MARK OF CAIN and Grendel was a decendent of Cain. Conceived by a pair of those monsters born of Cain, murderous creatures banished by God (Beowulf, unkown, lns 20-22) ●Conclusion that ties to thesis

Conclusion Paragraph:
●Restated thesis
●Concise summary of the body and how it ties to thesis
●Signal for the end of essay

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