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Published: 2019-12-16 11:20:31
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How should schools deal with Internet plagiarism? There are many ways as to how a school can deal with internet plagiarism. Firstly, they should teach their students the importance of writing a fair work and the worth of hard work it has. Students need to know that any piece written by them is their own accomplished hard work that is entirely original. In such a way, they have learned the essential elements of the work that the school teacher wanted them to work on. In other words, they have succeeded in meeting the requirements of the coursework, no matter what grade they get.

Secondly, teachers should highly emphasize on the topic of ethics and ethical writing to the students. Apart from these, a school has to be up-to-date regarding the different ways as to how the students plagiarize. Keeping a track on the past papers of the previous is one way. The other is to use anti-plagiarism software today. The popular software used these days by the universities is Turnitin. com or Mydropbox. com. Students should be taught that plagiarism is a crime and is equivalent to stealing.

Altering digital photos: Art or Fraud Similar to plagiarizing, altering digital photos is fraud and can earn even legal consequences if used for financial or academic gains. Altering digital photos and stating it as your own work is like stealing someone elses work, making some additions and stating it as your own. Just as the painting of Mona Lisa will always be the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, no matter how altered it is, any work done on anybodys presently done work is a crime. In my opinion, altering digital photos can never be an art but a fraud because the original work is done by someone else. Photojournalism is mostly subjected to this fraud.

If altering digital photos was to be considered as art, many people would misuse it to present as legal evidences. Since the natures of digital photos are, in a way, alterable, these pieces are never considered as a piece of legal evidence. Software have been developed where any alter in the digital images are spotted and traced that avoids altering of any digital piece as well (Pearson, 2006). Altering any image or piece for ones own benefit in order to gain money is a crime, thus a fraud and not an art. Just as a re-mix music cannot be regarded as an original piece of art, altering digital photos, too cannot be regarded as an art.

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