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Published: 2019-12-16 00:52:01
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The first principle, Universal Access to Information, basically stipulates that it is important to make information universally available to all. ACM believes it is important because it will have impacts on economic growth, education, and public health among other things. I would have to agree with this principle. When people have access to information it allows for growth in all areas. People can use information to expand on ideas and make advancements on others inventions and so forth.

The Intellectual Property principle is in regards to making laws that will govern the right to copyrighted intellectual property. I would tend to agree with the principle though only to some degree. I feel it is important to have laws that govern intellectual property but one must realize limitations and not waste all resources and efforts in trying to completely stop software and intellectual theft. The Internet has grown too large too fast and I believe it is a waste of money and time to try to stop file sharing etc. because it will never happen.

The third principle is Computer Encryption and Security. ACM believes to reach its full potential the net must be secured. This is completely correct. The Internet can be used for transactions of all sorts. Whether it is between businesses or consumers. If it is not secure and people are afraid of sending confidential information across the net like credit card numbers then it will never reach its potential.

The fourth principle states that the 1st Amendment must be upheld on the Internet. ACM promotes speech and opposes censorship of the net. I do not agree with this. Freedom of speech is important everywhere including the Internet but I feel there must be a line drawn somewhere when it comes to speaking ones mind in regards to such topics as hate crimes etc. I do feel that industry will choose not to follow this principle though. Freedom of speech includes everything from opinions on sports to opinions about the holocaust. When people try to publish web pages on things such as Neo Nazism and how to create pipe bombs they are usually censored by authorities. I can not foresee this changing.

Number five is in regards to Funding of Science Research. ACM is committed to pursuing funding for science research. This is definitely a good idea. This type of research leads to advancements in all kinds of different fields in life. The research can be expensive and without funding wouldnt get done. The government should fund this as it directly affects the countrys economic and technological growth.

The sixth principle is Privacy. This is definitely a principle that needs to be upheld. I feel privacy is important and if you do not have privacy on the Internet then you are essentially taking away ones individuality. It is true that there are people who abuse this privacy to commit cyber crime, but more resources must be used elsewhere to help catch these criminals. You can not be spying on the innocent and stealing their right to privacy.

The seventh and last principle is Internet Governance. ACM supports and works with companies and groups that develop technical standards, set policies and influence the future of the Internet. I feel this is also a good policy as someone has to set standards for software and the Internet or big companies such as Microsoft would be able to do whatever they please including releasing bug laden software. Essentially these companies are the law makers for what is allowed and disallowed on the Internet and what constitutes good business practice for software and computer companies in general.

In general all of these principles are a good idea. I do feel that most will be followed to try and control and better industry standard. The only one I think industry will not particularly accept or follow is the fourth one. I think that freedom of speech is an important thing, to some degree. I believe that total freedom of speech can be a detriment to industry. Freedom of speech means freedom to say anything whether it is politically correct or not. When people begin spreading racism or hate crime on the Internet it cannot be allowed. Industry knows this and will not buy into freedom of speech.

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