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Published: 2019-12-14 18:51:07
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While I have always believed myself to be reasonably educated about racial diversity, and non-prejudice against those who come from different ethnic backgrounds than my own, this course has taught me that there is much more to the history and reality of Americas struggle to overcome the all too real problem that is prejudice and discrimination. I have learned much about my own background and history that I was not previously aware of as well. The history of Prejudice and discrimination in America dates as far back as to the days of slavery.

While to most this is a well-known fact, there are a few facts about my own ethnic history that were not well-known to me until I participated in this course. The fact that stands out the most is that German immigrants (such as my own grandparents) suffered a reality of segregation in schools and language barriers, not unlike that of todays Mexican Americans. German Americans struggled to establish bi-lingual schools because they were a growing population in America, and the need was apparent.

Knowing this opens up a whole new perspective of my understanding of just how equal we all really are. Because trends in immigration have grown steadily and will continue to grow well into the future, by the year 2050, the U. S. population will experience a culture of diversity so elaborate, and so completely wide spread; resulting in America having no choice but to unite, or suffer from mass self-destruction of the worst kind. The challenges of such a diverse America will be apparent in many ways, and there will be some of the same issues of discrimination and prejudice that have always been.

With all of the different cultures coming together, there will be inevitable language barriers, which will result in a continued issue of segregation among children, and the added challenge of providing them with equal educational opportunities. In the same way that children have to face the challenges of diversity, so do the adults who will face discrimination and possible insufficient opportunity to move forward based on their race. On the other hand, when faced with such diversity, America as a whole will be forced to accept change, and perhaps finally overcome the issues that it has been faced with for so long.

The opportunity will rise, with the variety of diversity, to become educated about those who are around us. Because there will be nothing else to do but find a way to work together, or to fail as nation, I think that the way that we all see one another is going to change significantly. The idea that others are inferior in any way to any other individual will begin to fade, because with so much diversity all around, there will not be a majority, nor a minority. Perhaps equality in racial group numbers will finally be the key to unlock the door to a prejudice-free America.

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