Examples of Satire in Adventures of Huckfinn Essay

Published: 2019-11-03 12:00:31
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Example 1: The first example of satire is from chapter 16 when a homeowner sees Jim and thinks that he is an intruder and sends his dogs on to him, then as soon as he realizes that Huck is with him he calls them off, this is a form of satire because it is funny because people often do that to people depending on their race, as in racial profiling. For example if he had seen Huck first he may not have sent his dogs onto them.

Example 2: The second example of satire is from chapter 17, when Huck stays with the Grangerfords in this chapter they mention how much they hate the Shepherdsons; this may be a satire about how much society hates Gods children, because Jesus is our shepherd and Christians are His children therefore making all Christians the Shepherds children. Although not all of society hates Christians, it has become politically correct to not be a Christian for some reason and in our public schools they are teaching everyone but Christianity and that almost reflects Hucks situation.

Example 3: Shortly after that someone tries to shoot Harney, but misses, they may be a satire of how when Jews tried to killed Jesus they failed in doing so.

Example 4: The only clear satire in chapter 20 is that how the Duke and the King are more concerned about how they are going to catch Jim, the run-away slave, and not concerned about the man who is robbing every one of their money. This is a satire to about how our government today is more worried about video piracy and not other very important matters.

Example 5: This last satire was not written to apply to this matter but it fits perfectly, in chapter 22 the Duck and Dauphin finally put on their show after a long time of planning and work and choreography, but only 12 people tend the show, this may be a satire example of Obama Care, and how Obama spent so much money and time to produce it but when it was actually released
less people signed up for it than people signed the petition to revoke Justin Bieber. Modern Day Examples

Example 1: This picture illustrated that our generation uses electronics too much and that even people go to the park they still just sit and use social media or play games on their electronics instead of using the park for what it was built for. (See Picture 1)

Example 2: This example if of Obama trying to outlaw guns even though they are basically the only thing keeping him alive, and he doesnt even realize that outlaws, the ones who are killing people are going to get guns anyways because they are outlaws for crying out loud, they dont obey the law. (See Picture 2)

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