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Published: 2020-02-13 20:50:57
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Exercise entails an act of intentional and active body movements, force exertion on attempt to keep fit, body shape and ensuring general medical healthiness. Socially, it simply prepares an athlete for readiness towards goal accomplishment of being the best in a competition. Medical researches however, recommend a minimum of 15 minutes exercise per day to keep the body in good shape. Experts in the field of physical health education had also suggested at least a minimum of a kilometer walk on a regular basis (Knuttgen, H. 2003).

Drugs heal but a therapeutic dose of regular exercise contributes a lot in the prevention of atherosclerotic diseases of great blood vessels of the heart without any side effect. In turn the risk of being a victim of cardiac arrest among other major diseases that could result from a prolonged sedentary life is reduced. Exercise completes the recuperating process of an out-patient in hospital ward. Besides, the idea of exercise gives a psychological sense of well been if a recovering patient on bed for the past few weeks could perform it with subsequent improvement.

This must have been repeated severally with increasing duration of allotted time interval. How does an exercise works for good health? During exercise, there is an increase in blood circulation in the blood vessels of the body. This brings more nourishing constituents of blood (glucose, oxygen, food break down products, minerals etc) to the organs they supply at a faster rate. The homodynamic (motion) flow of blood fluid creates pressure within the vessel and thereby clears any obstruction to its flow.

Usually, excessive cholesterol intake obstructs blood vessels and predispose the patient to the risk of not heart failure, hypertension et cetera. Exercise is free for all, let us all preach it, and practice it till it becomes a part and of our life. It appears to me as a means of embarking on prevention to avoid curing imminent diseases. Albeit excessive exercise puts so much stress on the body, do not do it! (Wilmore, J. , Knuttgen, H. 2003)

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