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Published: 2019-12-22 17:52:43
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¢ Speech A method of verbally communicating to explain needs, wants, emotions in an articulated manner

¢ Language A method of communicating either in a verbal or written manner structured in an understandable manner to express the persons point

¢ Communication A method of expressing feelings, opinions, or information using either verbal or non verbal structures e.g. body language or facial expressions

¢ Speech, language, and communication needs Shows ways in which an individual may need help to communicate by either formulating sentences or using sounds to create words in order to get there feelings or opinions across. This will show which areas they require help in order to have a full method of communicating.

1. Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in childrens development

¢ Learning Speech, language and communication enables a child to develop a understanding of the world by being able to ask questions to build opinions but also an understanding. It also allows them to build there own relationships and share information. This makes them able to express emotion and develop ideas which allow them to solve problems.

¢ Emotions Being able to express emotions through speech, language and communications enables a child to build confidence and a self esteem to become who they want to be. By developing their communication it means that the child also understands what are socially acceptable standards and the social norms of how to show the emotions. E.g. it is acceptable for a toddler to throw a temper tantrum in the street due to tiredness but when the individual grows up it is not socially acceptable so this enables them to develop manners of expressing emotions without crying or having a strop.

¢ Behaviour Children are able to use their speech, language, and communication skills to help them understand right and wrong. By doing this it enables them to understand what they have done wrong and the consequences for their actions. An example of this could be understanding the word no and naughty.

¢ Social Being able to use speech, language, and communication in a social way will allow them to make friendships. By gaining friendships they will also learn an understanding of how people like to be treated. Using language in a social aspect allows children to learn new things but also allows them to learn off other

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