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Published: 2020-02-22 14:51:29
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Eye Eyes are the most delicate part of our body, as they are the window for us to the outer world. Smoking has been a common habit in the modern world. It causes biochemical changes in our bodies that accelerate aging by encouraging the destruction of collagen. Lazy eyes and cataract are caused due to heavy smoking. Smoking can cause the eyes to sting, water and blink more often. Television has a powerful influence in the lives of most children, computers have turned into an indispensable part of modern life.

Normally, most people have to work and study with computers. Long-time focusing on computer screen and television releases the lubrication of lachrymal fluid, causing eye dryness.Eye fatigue and dry eyes are serious problems for millions of housewives who spend several hours in front of a TV everyday. Burning or tired eyes, double or blurred vision, eye twitching are also caused Soft contact lens wear is fine if we did not want to be bothered with the use of glasses. Everyone would prefer a practical, but as we all know the use of soft contact lens care is more demanding. Mishandled in terms of keeping it clean will not be affected eye irritation and red.

Surely if allowed to drag on can damage the eye. Lighting conditions are less read with an eye to accommodation maximum force, accommodation is the ability of the lens to thicken and thin out in accordance with stimuli from outside the state. With a maximum accommodation to cast shadows received this makes the eyes get tired and if this habit continued in the long run this can cause nearsightedness in the eye. Disruption caused by this habit is more due to the reduced distance of the eye on objects that do not correspond with the ideal distance. Eye is ideal for reading distance is 30 cm. If the eyes are forced to stay focused on the visibility to less than 30 cm it would make your eyes become tired easily so that the greater the potential erkena myopic.

Ears Ears are as important as eyes.Listening to music through headphones at too high a volume is a common habit among the teenagers of the modern life. This practice can seriously damage our hearing. Our ears are accustomed to sounds between 40 to 50 decibels. Listening to sounds between 80 to 90 decibels can¦ Youve heard that smoking is bad for your heart health, but did you know it also adversely affects your hearing? The chemicals emitted by smoking cigarettes affect the inner ears ability to transmit vibrations. The more you smoke, the greater the risk for damage ” not only your hearing, but also the hearing of the people you love most. Studies show that adolescents exposed to second-hand smoke were almost twice as likely to experience low-frequency hearing loss as those who had no exposure.

Obesity Theres a better reason for taking a few laps around the block after dinner each night besides the money youll save not having to buy a new wardrobe. Being overweight puts a big strain on your heart and its detrimental to your circulatory system. Being overweight also puts you at risk for developing diabetes, a disease which is known for destroying small blood vessels just like the kind in your inner ear that count on good blood flow to keep them healthy.

Drinking While health experts agree that a daily glass of red wine is healthy for your heart, a lifetime of over-indulging can destroy more than your liver. Health experts believe that alcohol may interfere with the brains ability to interpret sound, especially those in the lower frequencies, and create a toxic environment in the inner ear itself that is damaging to the hair cells of the cochlea. The central auditory cortex of the brain may actually shrink in those individuals who drink excessively.

Every person wants to have beautiful and glowing skin. They must be spending too much money and time on it. In order to have a smooth skin people are required to take care of the skin or otherwise they will have to say goodbye to their beautiful skin.

Here are few skin bad habits that should be avoided to have good skin.

1. Forget to Put Sunscreen:¨Sunscreen is very important in every season. In summer season sunscreen helps to protect the skin from harmful rays of sun and in winter season the sun rays reflect from the snow and the skin is double exposed to the sun rays. In winters sunscreen helps to protect the skin from double exposure to sun rays. Sun rays can damage the Elastic Fiber of skin which can cause Wrinkles and brown spots.

2. Drinking too much Alcohol:¨Drinking one glass of Red Wine daily provides Antioxidants that are good for skin but too much use of Alcohol can be harmful to the skin. Alcohol causes Dehydration, Wrinkles and dryness on the skin.

3. Lack of Sleep:¨Lack of sleep causes the body to produce Stress Hormones. These Stress Hormones creates the dark circles under Eyes, makes skin dull and cause puffiness. Sleep provides beautiful and glowing skin and prevents Wrinkles too.

4. Smoking Cigarettes:¨Smoking decreases the flow of Oxygen in the skin, it also speedup the aging process and the complexion becomes dull. Smoking creates lines around the mouth. Smokers look 10 years older than their original age.

5. Sleeping with Makeup:¨Whenever you put makeup, never forget to put that off before sleeping otherwise it can cause Blocked Pores, breakouts on the skin and makes it dry.

6. Too much Skin Exfoliation:¨Skin requires exfoliation once a week. Too much exfoliation like more than one or twice a week is not good for the skin. It wipes away those oils which skin needs to make the skin glow.

7. Eating Food not Good for Skin:¨Use of too much salt can dehydrate the skin while too much use of Sugar can cause wrinkles on the skin. Try to increase the use of Vegetables and Fruits in your diet. Well balanced diet will help to make your skin glow.

8. Gaining or Losing Weight too Fast:¨Gaining and losing weight too fast is not good for skin because it can weaken the Fiber of your skin. It can cause Premature Aging, creates Stretch Marks and lines on the skin.

9. Compressing Pimples:¨Pimples can be caused by Bacteria and Viruses and if you compress the Pimples and then touch somewhere else on the skin, it will create new Pimples so, avoid pressing Pimples as it can lead to Scars and large Pores.

10. Facial Expressions:¨Facial movements that are repeated like laughing, frowning cause the contraction and Wrinkles on the Skin muscles. It is best to minimize the excessive facial movements.

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