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Published: 2019-12-10 22:40:42
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After I have recorded all the results and written into tables, I used the data to make graphs, which are voltage against current. When I finished marking all the points on to the graphs, I put a line of best fit through. There are five graphs in total, each represents a thickness, on a graph there are five lines of best fits, and each represents a length of a thickness. Then I pick a point on the lines of best fits and calculate the gradient (resistance) by dividing the point on y-axis (voltage) by the point on the x-axis (current) as the ohms law states that V=IR.

Finally, I have to draw five graphs to show the relations between length (on the x-axis) and resistance (on the y-axis). Also, I have to draw another graph to show the relations between thickness (on the x-axis) and resistance (on the y-axis). Evaluating Although the whole experiment has been going very well, but the results seems to show some bias or errors as in one or two of the graphs, the pattern is quite strange because some of the gradient (resistance) is not proportional to the lengths. Overall, the experiment can be said as a success.

The aim of this experiment is to measure how the resistance change as the factors change. There are so many variables-temperature of surroundings, length, thickness, material, temperature of the wire, surface area, magnetic properties, coated or not and purity-that can be chosen to measure in this experiment. But in this experiment I am only going to measure two of them, which are length and thickness because these two are the easiest to measure and show the effects on the resistance.

Prediction: The result should be showing that the resistance increase as the length or thickness increase. This happens because when length or thickness increases, the current will decrease. As the voltage wont change, if the current decreases, then the resistance will increase. Method: In the experiment I will need to use apparatus listed below.

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