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Own working practice can affect children and young peoples development in many ways. Children learn trough impersonation, so it is important to always keep in mind that they need to have good role models. When I am working with children, I always remember to be encouraging and trust worthy. When working with children Im always evaluating and noticing them so that I will be able to suggest for any child and their requirements by adapting the activities for them. It is very essential for me to observe the children that Im working with competently, so I will know what activity I can plan for them, because sometimes some children might find the activity uncomplicated and get bored. Carers are the childrens role models and they should give them examples to pursue and affect their development in a good way.

Shouting can influence a childs development so when Im with them I should always remember not to yell. If I am always shouting, children might not ask me any questions as they panic that they would be shouted at or even worse they might start copying me and develop a shouting habit. I have to shield the children from difficult situations when working with them and to always be aware, that is why when there is a problem I share it with my colleagues so we can deal with it and any other difficulties that may arise. While operating with the children I always provide important aspects of care, have good relationship with my colleagues, mind my language, possess suitable material and equipment, and have an appropriate behaviour.

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When my teammate and I are doing an activity and crafts in the nursery some of the children might find it harder than other children to use scissors to cut out paper, this might lead the child to be disappointed, get bored and sometimes they end up not wanting to take part in the activity, so to improve those children out we give them proper scissors for those who have more difficulties gripping normal ones. This way our children can proceed together as a group with the activity that has been stated.

There are other materials that assist a childs development and help them take part in the activities, like pencil grips, triangle shaped colours and many more. That is why its very important to have quality equipment, know what theyre for and how to apply them. I must always keep in mind that not all children develop the same way, some may require more time whilst others may need less, thats why its important to be tolerant and regard the childs personal needs. So I should always remember to use appropriate equipment, be skilled and accomplished in my job to make it easier in childrens development.

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Explain how institutions, agencies and services can affect children and young peoples development:

Institutions, agencies and services can affect children development in many ways. If there are good components that meet with the children needs this off course will help a lot in there development. Some of the children might have some sort of disability so it is important for the institution to have appropriate equipment and skilled carers. Institutions must always meet the needs of the children either if they are socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. This might include people like teaching assistants or advisors to provide support and train staff. Youth justice this is based on children with behavioural problems these people will work with them and also social workers to help them. Social workers are there to help vulnerable children and young people and their families this might include children on the child protection register or disabled difficulties.

They provide teachers and practitioners with aimed support programmes for that child once they have identified the childs needs. Some institutions also provide specialist nurses who support for the family and child especially if that child suffers from medical conditions that need specialist care and also health visitors come under this title for measuring and assessing a childs development. As well as a psychiatrist, a doctor who is trained in mental health problems. This person works alongside other professionals to help diagnose or support children and young people with mental health problems.

They have also a Physiotherapist, this professional help the children with their movement especially those who have little or no movement. They are trained to get the maximum movement and skill level. In a well equipped environment children can develop important factors such as emotional development, social and interactive development, self development and much more. Though it is always important to have the right components and safe equipment, it is also very important that the children are always supervised by a responsible and skilled carer. Carers in an institution or agency should always be professional and responsible. They should always keep in mind that they need to create a safe and nonthreatening environment, should always monitor closely the reaction of children, keep records and be careful and follow good practice when using any type of equipment. Like this they are helping in the children development while keeping them safe.


Tassoni, P., Beith, K., Bulman, K., Griffin, S. (2010). Pearson Education Ltd. Children & Young Peoples Workforce. Essex: Heinemann pg. 80 87

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