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Published: 2020-02-01 09:10:06
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I am seriously going to explode one day. That Mr Birling is being totally out of order, he pays us girls nothing more than 20 shillings a day and that cant keep me alive for much longer. I have spoken to the girls and they agree with me that we should go on strike. That will make him think about the wages he gives the girls and me. I would rather quit but that would show the wrong side of me I am not a quitter, I am a fighter. I should of taken the job in the bakery but no I had to choose the factory job which could have been good and well paid but no they lied to me about the wages.

Anyway I saw my Nan today, she is really ill I need the extra money for her medicine but if you ask me I think she will be going soon. I wish I could see my mum but she is in Yorkshire. I could not stay there because there was no work. There was work but I would never stoop that low. My sister got into that kind of work and she got pregnant out of that sort of business. This all the countrys fault I had to move here because of the lack of jobs in Yorkshire its ridiculous. The strike will still go on. Talk soon, thank you for listening.

I am sacked now, looks like I need to starve my self once again all because I wanted more money to actually stay alive, hence I am starving myself now. Most of the girls got their jobs back and I loose mine that fair. Mr Birling has to learn that it is not business all the time, he has to think about other peoples lives that are not rich. I told him that and he obviously did not understand about higher and lower class, all he concentrates on is higher class and spends money like a fire in a wood. I better look for a job soon other wise I will die like my Nan did poor and helpless. I am living in my Nan house but I will probably not stay here that long because she has probably given the house to sally her friend on the street. Thank you for listening bye.

I am so happy, I went to a interview last week with Milwards and I have a job now and its good pay and I can help sewing the dresses which is my life long dream. I have not got the house any more, Sally and Frederick her boyfriend live there now and I live in a run down hovel and nothing in it. I have no money and I have changed my name to Sarah so I can get a job because I got sacked and you what Mr Birling is like, he knows everyone. I am gradually getting richer but not much, I have got 40 shillings and I need to save that so I cant eat again.

Hopefully this job will be successful and its nearly Christmas bonus but I wont get my hopes up. I have realised that my behaviour at Mr Birlings factory was bad but I was desperate and I need the money. I need to be really polite in this shop because lots of posh and higher class shop here and like I said I dont want to work on the street. Thank you for listening. I got sacked once again. I have not been a pain but I did make a funny look when Miss Birling was showing her dress to mum. Even her mum didnt like the dress, you could tell by her face. I laughed as well but that was because I tripped other the stall. I think she complained about me and said to Samantha the boss to sack me. The Higher class always gets their way and bosses always want money. Thank you for listening.

It has come to the worse now. I am getting money but I hate sleeping with scummy old men who smell of beer and sometimes dont even pay you for your time. I really did not want to become a slut and sleep around but I am and I had to change my name again. My name is Daisy Renton now. I have lost two stone. I am probably going to die one day and probably poor, helpless and with no family by my side. I might go back to Yorkshire but I have myself into a business. I am going out with Gerald. He was a customer but he likes talking to me and he bought me food recently and I that was touching. I met him in the palace bar. I was there for business and business is good there because all the rich people are there and have no lady of there own because they are so ugly. Gerald is so sweet. Talk soon.

I am really depressed and my live is over now because Gerald has left me he gave me some money but I love Gerald I need him he kept me away from trouble. A man recently beat me up and Gerald looked after me. He is a star and he always will be. The money has been going down the drain I need more money, I might need to do extra nights and double shifts a night. Old men are the worst they are so old and horrible. I need a good job because I have not got a enough money for the place I am renting. I will talk to you soon bye.

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