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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Evaluation changes are implemented for a variety of reasons.  Some are due to being able to provide better services, make changes with how things are done, to evaluate work ethics of employees and to evaluate the employees themselves.  People are generally fear change in dramatic forms and automatically rebel against it claiming a multitude of reasons, one just has to find the openness and honesty and let time also deal with a negative reaction.

Evaluation systems are inherently for the ability to evaluate issues or potential issues, grievances and to try and implement plans that will help the faculty, let them know where strengths and weaknesses lie and to promote a higher level of communication and hopefully a better relationship between the faculty and the evaluator.  In some types of employment this should be necessary.

Anytime a change is made in the form of changing current evaluations or implementing a new one, no one is ever in complete agreeance.  Some feel it is unnecessary and grumble loudly, others simply dont care and then there are those who totally agree and will generally help to try and promote everyone else into agreeing by stating the positives of what the evaluation system can do for all.

Simply stating that there will be a faculty evaluation system doesnt necessarily bring a strong reaction but it is what is behind the evaluation that will determine the reactions.  In some cases this is nothing more than a review of work practices, how the faculty employee feels with the current way of work, what they think needs to be changed and even suggestions to further a change.  This mild mannered evaluation will be taken, not necessarily lightly but with a lot less ambivalence as compared to the required psychiatric evaluations of those who deal with constant negatives and sadness that relates to their employment.  This includes police officers, crime scene investigators, medical examiners and other high stress employment.

Those that have never been required a comprehensive evaluation, which usually will include facets of psychiatry will be ambivalent in many regards, simply because it is normally felt that we, as a person, do not need mental help, which in fact, with some employment, this mental help will greatly reduce overall stress related decisions and make for a more clear decision.  People, even though they like to talk about themselves, do not want to talk about the negative side or the why did they do that side of themselves.

The overall issues with implementation of this kind of evaluation from faculty can become intense and argumentative and a hundred excuses can and will most likely be formed as to why they disagree and statements of they wont participate.  A person will generally argue that their reasons or emotions are theirs and they should not be made to talk if they dont want.  In the end, with this type of comprehensive evaluation, it is the fear of the unknown.

Simply set parameters, mention that they dont have to actively participate yet they do have to show up for these evaluations, in the end, it will work out for most involved as they become more comfortable with the idea of being there.

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