Fame: Celebrity and Perfection Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Fame is beauty. Fame is perfection. To reach star status is a life goal. It is almost a dream to some people. One will be looked up to by their admirers. Everyone wants to be famous. After all, celebrities are perfect, right?

Everyone looks up to celebrities as the ideal being to be. People try to be just like their idol, losing focus of what it means to be an individual in the process. Fashion trends, foods, ideas, and even social epidemics can be tipped by someone who is famous. Why? Because gullible people believe celebrities are beings of perfection. They have no flaws or issues, which, to the public, is why they are famous. Background, personality, or criminal records play no part in making an idol. Lindsay Lohan has been charged with drug addiction and theft, yet girls still idolize her. She was once famous and perfect, and in the eyes of some people she still is. Chris Brown was charged with aggravated battery, but his songs are still on the radio and the public still buys his records. The image of perfection is seductive, and people will ignore even the most obvious things to believe it is real.

The quote fame is proof that people are gullible is true because despite the fact that some of Americas icons have outstanding criminal records or have even been to jail, the public still idolizes them and makes them out to be perfect. The word celebrity impresses people. It is included in the American definition of dream. Perfection is a synonym. No wonder the people see stardom as the ultimate occupation. One can be perfect and rich at the same time, while everyone forgets their faults. Some people believe this is not the case, however.

They would say that the public does not care for celebrities in rehab, that they shun them from society and stop selling their products. If this is true, then why are there shows about washed up celebrities going through withdrawal? So the public can continue to see what happens to their idol. It is only a chance for these perfect people to make more money than they need.

It has been drilled into Americans heads from the beginning that to be popular is to be perfect, and that is never true. Perfection is a man-made word used to describe qualities that make the ideal being. However it is an antonym of individuality. People will try their hardest to be popular and forget who they really are in the process. The public is gullible to think fame is everything, as the true key to happiness to be content with yourself.

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