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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In the case by Jessica, Marco, Maria and Dr.William I believe that the theory they have used for this case study is the Moral Christian theory which says that it is god almighty who gave origin to us and knitted us in our mothers womb from where all our lives have a meaning. Therefore in my opinion I feel that Jessicas and Marias decision is wright about knitting the baby and go for the plan of god as god always have an intention in his every which shows a close resemblance to the moral standpoint of Christianity. The children with disability can also survive in this world. Jessica in this case as a strong believer of God going for gods will representing the act of a true Christian follower. I believe that everything in this world takes place according to gods plan and if a couple is meant to have a child with deformity, through this god is trying to teach something to the family or to improve the love and affection between the family members. After going through this case study on Fetal abnormality I feels its very apparent that Jessica and Maria taking decisions according to the Christian standpoint.

Their aunt who decided to leave is going for gods will and ready to accept whatever that god has intended for their family. The moral Christian theory talks about the life of a true Christian by obeying the bible and following the commandments of god. The bible says a lot of good things about the humanism and the positive qualities have human beings should possess in order to get close to god. For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mothers womb I shall praise you for my entire life because you are the God of this entire universe wonderfully made, all your works in this entire universe is beautiful and for a reason, knowing the full well.

There was nothing about me which was hidden from you when I was framed in the secret place, you woven me together in the depths of earth. You have seen my unformed body and all my days on this earth are written in your book even before I was sent to this earth (Psalms 139:13-16). Those who are intended to go for the materialistic life on this earth, In this case study if they would have gone for abortion which is a materialistic or selfish way of thinking is against the word of god.

Jessicas and Marias decision for keeping the baby as the intention of god is derived from their strong belief in the god. A fetus formed in a mothers womb despite of its abnormalities is still a human being and doing abortion is a sin. Here dr.Wilson and Marco is having a materialistic mortal viewpoint as they wants to do the abortion of the baby, everything that humans possess in this world are just physical in this world.


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