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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Finding the job you want sums up an emphatic idea and decision that will forever impact you life. It should not just be a decision about how much money you will make, but should be also be about something that you enjoy doing each day. You should start of by carefully assessing what career path you would like to take and whether this will provide you with a feeling of fulfillment. This job should not only satisfy a financial need, but provide scope for career advancement and success.

You need to go about your job search in the right way by ensuring that you look pragmatically at the job you want and that its achievable and Dave Sanfords article Get the job you want in 2009 suggest that you devote time to searching (Sanford, 2008) Start your job hunt by ensuring that you have a resume free from typos and which attractively shows your skills and qualifications and set a target for sending out some job applications each week. Do not get discouraged by negative results, keep focused.

A great resume will ideally make you a front runner to get the job you want as it will provide potential employers with an attractive picture of you as the ideal candidate for the job. A great cover letter will also allow hiring managers to see that you have the skill-set to make you a good fit for your ideal job. Always remember to keep positive and motivated as you start your job hunt and engage in active networking within social and professionals groups around you.

Quite often, you may find a great job because a collegue or acquaintance tells you about it and so always try to keep in contact with those that can assist you to find your ideal job. Bill Dueeases article 9 Secrets to Getting the Job You Really Want posits that you need to research companies before going for an interview so that you can know who makes the hiring decisions (Dueease, 2009). When you are called for an interview, remain calm, professional and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.

Highlight your positives and let it be known that you are focused, motivated and will use you skills well if hired. Be always positive and market yourself as the ideal candidate to get results. Finally, be well dressed and groomed and ready to show the world that you are ready to contribute to the success of the company to which you applied. The hunt for the job you want may be challenging but remember that you will be rewarded through perseverance and discipline.

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