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Stylist works with different kinds of people and in different places depending on who need his services. If he is hired for a photo shoot in a newspaper, magazine or television, the stylist is responsible for the right clothing to be worn, and the distinct image that needs to be projected. Under his skillful hands, models are dressed and adorn appropriately for the message that the advertisers wants to convey to the viewers.

But before such activity, the stylists at first needs time to decide what would look best on each model; he must first ascertain where to get the necessary clothing to be worn whether to buy or hire them and who are the needed people to contact. He should also take into consideration the props to be included and where to place them (Fibre2fashion1).

In other words, behind the look or image portrayed on advertisement is a stylist hours of preparation and planning. Some stylists may get lucky enough to earn larger income by working exclusively for a celebrity or group of celebrities wherein they are called celebrity stylist.

They are in-charge of creating a certain image of the actor or actresses in a TV show, appearances in events or change of image. For example behind the glamorous look of actresses Meryl Streep and Halle Berry is a stylist Wayne Scot Lucas (Fibre2fashion 2007). Some stylist may be labeled as personal stylists or image consultants whose clients are people in business. Businessmen depend on them to create an image appropriate in their field of work (Fibre2fashion 2007).

Aside from being hired by celebrities and other businessmen to build up a desired image, stylists are also hired by catalog or magazine publishers, fashion houses, or other public relations firms . Stylist may also work as an independent contractor, a kind of a freelance styling agent. In such a case, the stylist manage his own business and hire people needed for the different aspect of the business like in marketing and accounting (Fibre2fashion 2). This is one of the negative aspects of working as a stylist since there may be no regular customers in freelance work.

Aside from that a stylist work in irregulars hours and had to make a name for himself in a world where competition is stiff (fibre2fashion 2). V. Conclusion A stylist is a person who possesses an eye for beauty and a talent to make people look and feel good. He builds a desirable image through his expertise in styling techniques and knowledge in fashion and at times may set the trend in fashion.

His skill may be learned by earning a degree or through experience. He works for all sorts of people, from the rich and famous to the ordinary ones. A stylist may also be hired by different advertisers in various media to create a desired message.

In such a case, he works with different professionals (like photographers) associated with creating an advertisement. Because he comes into contact with various people, a stylist must be good in communicating and maintaining relationships. However, it may be hard to established oneself as a stylist because the fashion industry is highly competitive.

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