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Published: 2020-02-23 02:00:07
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This document has five folds. These folds look like sections. Each of the section has different uses on the document, this spreads out the information as this application forms consists of lots of information. There are few columns in some sections. These columns makes the information look neat therefore easy to read. There are many images on this application form. The images used on this application form are very ironic. The images are new car, three people riding a bike which looks brand new and a car with a bike rack.

This points out that with this new card, customers will be able to receive discount thus they can afford new accessories and other products which are sold at Halfords. There are 30% images and 70% writing on the application form. The large percentage of images on an application form makes it look very attractive. There is 20% white space and 80% data. The 20% white space makes the information clear, no white space will make the information on application form look cramped as the font size is very small. The font used on this application form is a simple font.

This simple front makes the application form look professional. The font size ranges from 6 to 14. The large font is on the headings and smallest font is on terms and conditions. This is because headings suppose to be eye catchy as it will tell the customer what each section is about. By looking at this application form, it seems to be that the information which is below font size 8 is not important enough. There are some bold fonts to make them stand out of the rest of the information. These words are key words within the application form.

The orientation of this application form is A5. There are five A5 papers stuck together to make this application form. This makes the application looks like a leaflet. This seems attractive to the customer as there are many images on this application form and the way its lay out on five A5 papers. There is only one header on the whole application form. The header is very hard to notice. There are no footers and gutters used within this document. The colours used on this application form are contrast between dark and light colours. There us black, orange, yellow and grey.

These colours are in the background. The uses of the colours are to bring out the foreground text. There are two logos on this application forms. The first logo is at the front of the application form. This logo looks like a gutter as it is vertically. This logo takes 15% of the front page and it looks very striking. The second logo is at the back of the first page. This logo is at the bottom of the page. This logo is flat unlike the first logo. The large size of the logo makes this application form looks like a leaflet, which is a good thins as leaflets are very good looking.

There are two tables on this application form. This makes it easy to store and compare data such as number, there is also information about the credit card that the customer is applying for. There tables have background shading. This shading brings contrast between the text. The text on the application form is fully justified. This makes it look very professional. This document is divided into three sections. Each of the section has different use on the document. The layout works well as the each section has There are no images used on this leaflet.

This is because this leaflet is just providing customer with instruction. The leaflet is not promoting any product. There is 30% white space and 70% information. As always white space makes the text clear and easy to read as there is lots of text on it. There are not many different font sizes. There is some font size 8 and some size 10. On the front section of the leaflet there heading is font size 14. This makes the heading stand out. Large font for the heading was used to make it stand out as Abby National has many more leaflets in their bank.

The average size of font inside the leaflet is around 10. large font size do not have any use in this leaflet as there are no products being advertised. The orientation of this leaflet is A4. This leaflet is folded three times. This makes it look attractive. As this leaflet do not have any pictures on it, if it was on A4 it would have looked very dull so by folding it, it looks attractive. There are no header or any footers used on this leaflet. There are also no gutters as well. This leaflet has limited colours. There is only one colour on this leaflet.

This colour is reddish orange. There is some orange colour effect on the shading which is on the front page and at the back on the middle section of this leaflet. This colour looks very calm colour. This would attract many new customers. There is small logo on this leaflet. This logo is at the top of the front page. This logo would tell the customer that they are holding a Abbey National leaflet. This logo is blended into the background. The paragraphs are aligned to the left not fully justified. This is very unusual for a bank leaflet to make some left justified.

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