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The film over exaggerates the apprence of the creature making him look terrifying. The film also consetrate more on the action rather than the feelings of the creature. The film had more compassion for victor as he was getting chased by this gigantic frightening monster At the beginning of the story the creature is seen as a monster but when the monster tells his story to Frankenstein he seems the victim. As the story goes on the sympathy for Frankenstein increases the reader then realises that the creature is just getting even with the world for the things the world did to the creature, like rejecting him.

The creatures story makes the reader realise that he isnt a monster just a neglected baby who grows up full of hatred because of oppression and mistreatment. The novels genre is a romance, horror, thriller, science fiction, and action. This might be the reason why it is so popular. It is a romantic novel because of the fact that the creature desires love and because of Frankensteins love for his family. It is a horror novel from Frankensteins point of view because the creature seems like a monster that is intent on killing and hurting people.

It is also a thriller novel because it leaves you in suspense about the murder of the young boy, William, and also a science fiction story for the cloning and bringing to life of a human being. It is an action novel as well because of the fighting and chasing. When the book was first published, it was not popular at all since it was considered a dark and devilish novel. Readers were extremely superstitious at the time. It became more popular as people became less superstitious and understood the subtext of promoting parenting skills. Mary Shelleys original name was a Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, and on the 30th of

August Mary Shelleys mother died giving birth to her. Her mother and father were also Famous in the publishing world. When she was 17, she eloped to France with her lover. Her lover was the infamous Percy Shelley; Mary was pregnant with his baby. After that, her father did not talk to her for 2 years. Mary Shelley gave birth to her daughter Clara two weeks premature. Clara died a couple of weeks later. She had nightmares about her babys death, that and her father not talking to her, probably inspired her to write such a dark novel. The reader sympathises with the monster because he is not supported or loved (as Shelley felt unsupported).

Frankensteins role in the novel changes it goes from victim to villain. At first victor is being chased by the monster that he created because victor neglected and abuse the creature turning it into a monster but later on, the reader realises that Frankenstein rejects the creature just because of what he looks like. The creature just wants to ask him to make another being like him so he will have some one to loves who loved him, back. Frankenstein seems to the reader to be the villain. Although he doesnt actually commit murder, victor Frankenstein indirectly causes the problems.

If he had considered the implications of creating another being. Many of the tragedies in the text would have been avoided. Frankenstein thinks he is the victim of the monster but he really is the victim of knowledge and curiosity. Find out what imagery Frankenstein uses. A good father is a man who is there for a child when ever life gets rough. He helps them grow up strong and loved, which also lets the child know he is appreciated. The creature is rejected by other people as well as his father/ creator and grows up full of hatred. He is forced to grow up very quickly and very alone. Frankenstein abuses his child

by neglecting him at first then denying him happiness later. The creature is just a child. The creature had no knowledge of the world and has no father to explain it to him. The creature is born an innocent child and all of the hatred that he is subjected to is passed on to him through the way he was treated by others. Even when he saved a girl from drowning her lover shots at him like he is the one who is threatening her life. The creature turns all of his hatred and swears to get even with the world. He turns his back on humanity. The creature is not born evil he simply turns evil to get vengeance.

This links in to Shelleys reading of Jean Jacques Rousseau and the ideas such as nature versus nurture. The creature becomes evil from his observation of the human race, he desperately wants to experience companionship and to be loved instead of being driven away and treated as a monster. His naivety gradually changes to cunning and hatred through his encounters and once he has murdered, the overwhelming sense of power feeds and nourishes him. Frankenstein is not portrayed as evil in the same way, his experiments are sinister and he is cowardly when the final result is too hideous for him to acknowledge.

Frankenstein did not intend to create an evil creature many of its qualities were very fine, from intelligence to sensitivity and . a capacity for intense love. When Frankenstein was a young boy he described his own character saying My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehementi?? which suggests to the reader that they were very similar. Unfortunately the hideous body never allowed any human to experience the other side of its character. All in all they both were just as evil in their own way and both ended up unhappy. The creature was not a great deal different they were both smart and craved knowledge.

If Frankenstein was treated as bad as the creature was then he would have certainly turned his back on all of humanity. The creatures life would have been very different if he had a father who did not abandon him and loved him, because the creature would have someone to lean on. I feel more sympathy for the creature than for victor Frankenstein mainly due to the fact that the creature wasnt even given the right to live or be loved. The creature was put through many ordeals and was hated by all that see/ meet him with an exception of one, the blind man.

The blind man didnt reject the creature because he couldnt see his abnormal body. I hardly felt any empathy toward victor since he abandoned his son the person he gave life to then not allow him to live. I believe that I feel sorry for the monster more because I could imagine the difficulty of not having any parents to bring me up. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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