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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Susan Elizabeth Blow opened the first successful kindergarten center. It was the first educational opprotunity for young children of the public of Missouri. She spend alot of time in her life of learning and passing her knowledge on to others for generations . When she was grown the average poor family gave their children only three years of education before pulling them out of school to work for the family. Susan helped deal with this by offering kindergarten classes earlier, provoking families to keep children in school for a longer amount of time.

She is a hero by my definition because she used her strengths in knowledge to teach others. Susan Elizabeth Blow lived from 1843 to 1916. She lived in St. Louis, Missouri for the majority of her life. She moved five miles to Carondelet after her family suffered from a tragic fire, losing most of their possesions. Susan had to buy new study materials to continue her education. During a trip to Germany with her family, she observed the first European kindergarten classrooms of Friedrich Froebel. This inspired her to move these kindergarten classes to America, so she could educate the young children there.

Susan started her first classroom in 1873, located in St. Louis. She ruin it for eleven years without any pay, she often donate money to buy suplies for her kindergarten students. She taught the children about many things in life such as fractions, colors, shapes, and staying healthy. Susan is a hero in my eyes because she helped create a strong foundation of learning for the young children who couldnt afford private schools. She was always enthusiastic about learning, and enjoyed every second of it.

She wanted to pass that knowledge to her students and make a difference in their lives. Learning, reading, writing and determination were all personal strengths of hers. As she grew from childhood to adulthood, she knew she wanted to pursue a life of infinate learning. So she knew the better way to do that was to share her knowledge with others. Kindergarten would have never become as importan to our society if it werent for her. She once said Let us live for the children. She dedicated over eleven years of her life to proving that she truly does live for the children.

Once she decided that children in America should have the same if not similar instruction when she saw froebel kindergarten classrooms in germany, no one could stop or disagreed with her. So for that reason many children were enrolled. Susan took what she knew and passed it on to others by opening the first public kindergarten center. She also trained other women to teach kindergarten around the state. She beleive that children learn best through play and she made learning bright and colorful, pushing children to never want to stop. She made St. Louis the model and the main point of the kindergarten movement.

She always knew that if children loved to learn, they would never want to stop even beyond their school days. After all, there is so much more to learn than what is taught in a classroom. Six years after Susan opened her kindergarten classroom, over fifty-three classrooms in Missouri had kindergarten classroms. Most of these classes were taught by the women she had trained and volunter in her class. By 1883, every school in Missouri had kindergaten programs and many outside of the state did as well. All of these classes were similar of Susans, teaching all of the similar importances things.

She also wrote two books about kindergarten teaching which helped expand the kindergarten movement across the country. Soon she received the title as The Mother of Kindergarten. I beleive that if Susan were alive today, she would tell young people to never stop pursuing better education. She would encourage the students of today to try their best and do all they can to spread what they know with the world. She tried so hard to get her messege of the importance of education, for all social classes, across to everyone in the country.

My philosophy of education like dewey, is for children to came to school to do things and live in a community which gave them real, guided experiences which help their ability to contribute to society. For example: instead for students seating down in a classroom doing math, I think that the should lean it by doing every day life by applying materials and by figuring out how long it would take to get from one place to another. Also I will include my students to decision making give them the freedom to express themselves.

Instead of teaching my students the strategy of taking test, I will give them a lot of asseignement. My philosophy of education also stems from Susan Blow and Rousseau because as Blow said children learn througth play and this is very true. In other for children to be children and develop, they need to interact with other througth play and by doing that the would learn how to take terms and learn must more. Example when kids play toguether they dont need a grown person to tell them wich kid to play with or not because they would figure that by themselves who is their freind and who is not.

Like Russeau, I will make Education more natural for my students by not just making them memorize lessons. Im not saying that memorizing is a bad thing, but it wont stay with you forever. But by realy leaning something in the right way meaning naturaly can stay with you for the rest of yor life. The reason why I feel this way is because I experience it and I know alot of people who experience it as well. Since I want to make a difference in childrens lives and be a great teacher, I dont just want my students to lean for the moment, but for life.

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