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ENGLISH LANGUAGE Paper 1 Writing Additional Materials:
* 4 0 7 9 5 7 8 4 2 9 *

October/November 2011 1 hour 30 minutes Answer Booklet/Paper

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST If you have been given an Answer Booklet, follow the instructions on the front cover of the Booklet. Write your Centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in. Write in dark blue or black pen. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. Answer both Section One and Section Two. At the end of the examination, fasten all your work securely together.

This document consists of 3 printed pages and 1 blank page.
DC (CW) 33870/3 UCLES 2011

[Turn over

2 Section 1: Directed Writing You are advised to write between 200 and 300 words. Total marks for this part: 30.

Task Recently you witnessed a major disturbance at a railway station when many people were injured. You are asked by the local police to write an account of what you saw. Write your account. You must include the following: ¢ when and where the incident happened and how close you were to the scene the cause of the disturbance and what exactly happened some of the ways in which people tried to help.

¢ ¢

Cover all three points above in detail. You should make your account informative and helpful for the police to show you are a reliable witness. Start your account To the Police¦ and remember to add your signature and the date.

UCLES 2011


3 Section 2: Creative Writing Begin your answer on a fresh page. Write on one of the following topics. At the head of your essay put the number of the topic you have chosen. You are advised to write between 350 and 500 words. Total marks for this part: 30.


Describe a time when you prefer to be alone and a time when you like to be part of a crowd. (Remember that you are describing the atmosphere and your feelings, not telling a story.)


What are the advantages and disadvantages of attending either a small school with few students or a large school with many students?


Write a story which includes the sentence: As we entered the building, the other people smiled as if they knew something we did not.




Write a story about someone who returned to a village or town after a long time away. (You should include full details of why the person went away to show that it is an important part of your story.)

UCLES 2011



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UCLES 2011


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