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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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There was a time that I had a conversation with a friend who is a foreigner and knew very little about the cultures in the United States. He was basically biased against the black race or the African-American races and spoke about them in a very discriminating manner. He believed that the black race in America is mostly composed of thugs and criminals who are dirty and cannot live the way most white Americans do. Although I didnt exactly argue with him, I still did to change his beliefs and perceptions on the black race and fortunately, I succeeded.

I first started out by telling him the harsh realities that most of the people from this race used to face and are still facing today such as discrimination at work, education, and employment among others. I also pointed out that there are a lot of stories published in major newspapers that show that discrimination against people from other races and cultures are still present today. I shared with him stories of an outstanding student from a public high school who was allegedly not given a scholarship simply because he is black.

I also told him of certain cases wherein workers are not given the bonuses and benefits that are due to them because they belong to the black race. In short, I first tried to make him sympathize with the plight of the black race and I believe I was successful in doing so. Moreover, I also told him that since he is an Asian, he too, can also be discriminated against. More importantly, I emphasized to him that these black people are also human beings just like everybody else and therefore, they should be treated the same way white Americans are treated.

After our conversation, my friend agreed me with and told me that he would be careful with his perceptions about the black race from now on. Based on my persuasive methods, it can be deduced that the most effective way to convince people or audiences to change their stand or views on a certain issue is to tell them real life stories that they can relate with. These true to life stories can represent the essence of ones arguments and make ones claims more credible.

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