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Published: 2020-02-18 20:52:08
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I can vividly remember the first time I visited my aunts and uncles in their hometown when I was still a child. It was a big city and the malls during that time were so huge in my eyes. I was with my grandparents then because my parents were so busy with their jobs. As a child, I was very excited to visit other place and see new things especially when I have not visited yet the place of my relatives. It was totally my first time to visit there and my first time to travel without my parents so I told myself that it would be a lot of fun without their presence.

I undoubtedly and excitedly packed up my things and told my parents that it would be a memorable trip with my grannies. Besides, nobody cant watch and reprimand me whatever I wanted to do because grannies were so lax in dealing with me. Unlike with my parents, they were so tight and disciplinarian when I was younger. To make the long story short, when I arrived in my relatives place, I was so astonished and surprised. The things I heard were really true. I happened to passed by in the heart of the city and I was so delighted of what I see.

There were big buildings and modernized malls. I immediately told myself to ask my grannies if I could stroll around the city and look at the malls. Well, since they were not so tight, they allowed me to go to the mall but with two conditions, I should be back before eight in the evening and should take one of my cousins to the mall that was three years older than me. Wow, eight? It was still one in the afternoon and I can do many things with those hours of being in the mall. The mall we went to, I forgot its name because it happened many years ago, was so huge.

It had 7th floor and the area was so vast. I was very excited as I got in. I immediately roamed around the mall and looked at the latest fashion. I was very happy at that time and could not speak because of excitement. I told my cousin to wait for me in the fast-food inside the mall because I am going to look at clothes first and promised to be back soon. However, I was so unconscious with the time that I was not able to go back to her as I promised. I was talking to myself that it was my time to enjoy because there were no oldies around.

I started to go up and see whats more on the rest of the floors. I enjoyed playing with the games in its amusement park and feasted on delicious ice cream (and totally forgot about my cousin who accompanied me) which was my delight when I was younger. When it was about past six in the evening, I went to the seventh floor and tried to have a look. I was able to see there big stuff toys and other toys for the kids. I was tempted to buy one but my money was not enough though so I just looked and fed my eyes with beautiful things I saw.

I started to go down and plan to go back to my cousin around seven. When I was about to go down, I cant traced anymore where I passed. I started to become startled and nervous. Because of my excitement, I forgot to remember my cousin who was waiting for me in the fast-food. I tried to remember the floors but I could not. I did not know that there were many entrances and exits in that mall and was not informed by my cousin that we passed in the second floor to get in the mall. I was roaming and roaming in order to trace where I previously passed by and get back to my cousin.

But I could not find the fast-food where I left her especially there were a lot of people in the mall at that time. My heart pounded so fast not because of excitement but because of worry and nervousness. I wanted to cry but hold back my tears and started to blame myself why I did that. I regretted why I did not take her with me when I roamed around. In spite of that, I did not lose hope. I continue to look and look until I can pass again the path I passed hours ago. Since it was almost eight, my cousin was also starting to worry about me.

It worried her where am I already and what happened to me, because I only told her to be back soon but I never did. Because of that, she went to the information and paged me. I was so relieved when a lady was paging me to meet my cousin at the information area. But since I did not know where the information was, I unashamedly asked one of the salesladies and fortunately I was able to get there. When I saw my cousin, I started to cry because of nervousness and was thankful that I saw her.

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