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Published: 2020-01-18 02:32:35
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Have you heard about global cooperation? Do you know global cooperation is helpful? Nowadays, global cooperation is getting more and more important, they help developing countries a lot. Global cooperation is helpful for poor families, technology trade and tourisms. First, global cooperation gives more job opportunities to the people in developing countries. As we know, some Asian countries have very good human resources, so global cooperation can give the people in developing countries many jobs by working with developed countries. In this situation, poor families can have more chances to get a job and support their children. For example, Children can go to school and learn knowledge, which is very good for developing countries, because knowledge is power. Developing countries need knowledge so they can run their countries better. Secondly, since global cooperation being famous, they can support developing countries by trade high technologies.

Developing countries need high technologies, so they need global cooperation and get some high technologies from global cooperation. High-tech can help developing countries a lot. For example, developing countries can save energy and reduce pollution by high-tech. High-tech can protect peoples health who works in high-risk factory. On the other hand, developing countries do not need to worry about pollution and save money from Environmental protection because high-tech can help them a lot. Developing countries need high-tech from global cooperation because global cooperation can help them save energy and save money from Environmental protection. Last but not least, global cooperation works with developing countries can attract more tourists.

If tourists caught in some troubles in developing countries, which have connection with global cooperation, tourists will get help much more easier. Because when global cooperation happens, more and more people will learn to speak English and English is very useful nowadays. Tourists can get help from them by communicate in English. For example, if I want to travel to developing countries, I will choose some countries which have global cooperation because I can investigate them first. I will not choose the countries, which do not have global cooperation because it is totally unknown for me and it is very dangerous. Global cooperation can help tourists communicate with local people in a totally unfamiliar country easily. To sum up, global cooperation is good for developing countries. They can help poor families, technologies trade and tourisms. Global cooperation is very useful and helpful, we have to start this process now, and there is no reason to wait any longer.

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