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Published: 2020-02-16 05:22:56
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The site selected was on global eCommerce scams. Its address is http://www. rpifs. com/ecommerce/ecomscams. htm. Basically, it is a shortlist of reasons why not to hire off-shore webs service providers for your business needs. It explains why the probable benefits that offshore agencies offer such as freedom from tax duties may not at all be true. It also explains the many needless risks involved in conducting business with offshore providers. The site made me see that if I selected an off-shore provider for my website, it might not be so easy to file legal complaints against them should their services prove to be substandard.

For one, they might be in countries where internet laws are next to nonexistent or where government is unable to pursue scam artists who hide on the internet with phony physical information such as office addresses and the like. Another item that the site disclosed is that suspicious offshore directories being sold cheap should not be grabbed immediately. It is very unlikely that such directories are opt-in even if their sellers say so. Most likely, the list was stolen from some less protected popular sites. I am aware of this possibility because I know of many free, very popular message boards where such occurrences may happen.

According to the website, buying and subsequently using such directories might be very dangerous because it could lead to displeased recipients either fighting back with bot response systems or complaining the sender to relevant entities that can have the website shut down. Overall, the content taught me to be very careful about trusting offshore web service providers with my website. If I were to still prefer such sites, I would have to evaluate them very cautiously to avoid getting scammed.

Work Cited Jacobs, V. global eCommerce scams. 2000. Offshore Press Inc. April 21, 2008 < http://www. rpifs. com/ecommerce/ecomscams. htm>

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