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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Christian Nazis killed millions of Jews in the twentieth century. Maybe it just happens so that the terrorists are all considered Islamists nowadays, as U. S. foreign policy is focused on fighting Islamic extremism. The United States has also been playing an important role in the Middle East conflict. So far it has not been able to decide upon the side it takes, even though it appears to many that the U. S. sides with the Jews rather than the Arabs in the Holy Land. Then again, regardless of U. S.

foreign policy, the fact remains that most major international conflicts in the twentieth and twenty first century have revolved around differences in religion. It is a paradox, though, that religion is essentially practiced for peace. Universal Education Many attempts have been made to understand the sociological basis of terrorism. According to a new study on the causes of terrorism, ordinary people can be easily influenced into violence (New Research Into Causes Of Terrorism Reveals People Turn To Suicide Bombing To Preserve Identity, 2007).

Interactions with comrades who provide an emotional haven in addition to a clear focus for turbulent energies may very well serve as a cause of suicide bombing (New Research Into Causes). In order to root out this cause of suicide bombing, the new study suggests that it is essential for a group that believes in suicide bombing to have interactions with people who do not consider violence as a way to achieve immortality or the kingdom of God (New Research Into Causes). The best method of interaction is, no doubt, education of the diversity of cultures and experience of the people of the world.

The United Nations and other organizations that are not related to specific nations must be imparting an education of universal values to the people who may otherwise turn into suicide bombers. After all, illiteracy may turn into a serious illness. In fact, all problems around the world seem to have been caused by it. Although the United Nations repeatedly speaks of universal education, it remains an unaccomplished goal. International Law The Internet and globalization make it necessary to strengthen international laws and empower the International Court of Justice. Rights of foreigners are not always respected.

Let us consider the example of environmental problems to understand this issue of global importance. The Ramsar Convention is one of the treaties to help improve the environment. But, such conventions are not meant to be regulatory bodies that could compel contracting parties to follow their guidelines under the rule of law. If the contracting parties fail to fulfill their contract obligations, there are no punitive measures taken by the Ramsar Convention, although the terms of the Convention are said to constitute a solemn treaty, and are therefore considered binding in international law (The Ramsar Convention, 2007).

What is truly needed is to make such conventions binding in international law. At present, no contracting party can be compelled to follow the guidelines of any such convention. By empowering the International Court of Justice to undertake the task, it may indeed become possible to develop a new convention on climate change for both the developed and developing countries.

What is more, like the no child left behind law, the new convention should aim to include every single country on the face of the earth. References New Research Into Causes Of Terrorism Reveals People Turn To Suicide Bombing To Preserve Identity. (2007, May 12). Medical News Today. Retrieved Nov 27, 2008, from http://www. medicalnewstoday. com/articles/70717. php. The Ramsar Convention. (2007). Retrieved Nov 27, 2008, from http://www. ramsar. org/index_about_ramsar. htm.

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