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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Motivation is an interesting subject which is strictly linked to success in life, academic achievements, achieving goals and making dreams come true. I have always been a pretty smart individual who actually liked attending school and liked learning. For some reason once I graduated high school, I couldnt find myself in the college career, I mean, I wanted to study and become someone important and successful but I just couldnt fit it. I never even applied to any State Universities because I never thought I could achieve something so great and push myself, even though I graduated with a 3. GPA.

After thinking and thinking and searching for the right career and college I finished at California College San Diego (CCSD). I chose this college because it is a short term course, with an excellent program and educational system. I also have spoken to a variety of student that have attended and graduated from CCSD and I have heard nothing but positive outcomes and they have all succeeded in their fields. I decided to pursue a career in Business Management and accounting because it just seems to click with me.

A business administration degree is one of the most sought after by employers because it covers such a wide area of expertise (Hunt 2013). Attaining such a degree gives you the option to a huge variety of job opportunities seeing that it covers an enormous amount of advanced professional skills for any type of field, it prepares you with special capabilities that employers seek and you will have greater opportunities for advancement, have greater earnings potential and have the opportunity of truly enjoying your job.

A Peak performer sets goals and develops appropriate attitudes and behaviors to achieve desired results. Peak performers succeed by basically just focusing on results. They have their long-term goals in mind but break them down into daily to weekly goals to be able to reach the main goal. Anyone can become a peak performer by changing their mind set and having in mind the little engine that could. Some of the characteristics of peak performers include setting a vision, having a sense of adventure or curiosity, being willing to take risks, a devotion to personal growth, and a strong belief in themselves.

Some of the traits I that I acquire are, having my long term goal in mind at all times, take responsibility for my actions, behaviors and decisions, and remain confident and resilient. Short Term and Long Term Goals My Short-term goals during my course at California College San Diego are to overall graduate in honors and on time. In order to achieve such goal a series of mini steps include: have perfect attendance, be physically and mentally in class 110%, graduate with a 4. + GPA, achieve the Deans list, never stay with a doubt, and always ask questions. Also applying to a numerous of scholarships is at the top of my goal list. During my college career I plan to get internships/externships to get experience in my type of field in order to procure an employment sooner than expected. During my college career I will attain a job at any high-end company with a starting position. After achieving my associates in business management and accounting I plan to go straight into my bachelors.

My long term goals meaning in approximately 5 years is after finishing my bachelors I plan to continue to my masters if not done so yet. After my college career by that time I will be in a higher paying position and with my higher paying ratio I will then have the deposit for a new home, a new car, and maybe a deposit for a new start-up business. By this time I will then start my own family wanting only 2 children and still living in San Diego, Spring Valley as a preference.

A more personal and one of my biggest/main goals is after completing all of my credentials/degrees is helping my parents in all their troubles and go visit my grandmothers grave to show her and tell her that I did it. That I, Estephene Santana, did it and that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Fears When it comes to having fears I could sincerely say I dont have any when it comes to my college education and my life. Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. - Napoleon Hill. What I do have is possible obstacles that can occur during my road to success.

A big obstacle yet a blessing that I can stumble over is, getting pregnant. Both my husband and I have been planning on wanting a baby but at the same time I want to wait till I achieve my degrees. A variety of obstacles that can arise in my life consist of financial issues, conflicts with my husband/family, grief, losing people we love is inevitable even though I dont desire something so tragic to happen sadly it does, etc. if you have a mind-set of achieving whatever you set your mind to, the world cannot know what you can be capable of. Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. (Washington )

Thanks When I reach graduation the main people I will thank will be my mother and my husband because they have both seen me struggle and have helped me throughout them. My husband, who has been my main support system for about 6 years, is the one who has always pushed me to strive. He knows me from head to toe, he is my strength when all I am left is weakness. He is the one who pushed me to walk through the doors of CCSD.

My mom, my everything, my guardian angel, my mother is so amazing and the most important person that can ever exist in my life. I have her to thank because she is always there for me she gave me life, she has and I know that she will continue to help me overcome any obstacles that come my way whether they be big or small she is always there. She has always wanted me to become someone important in life and not suffer how my dad and she did. And when I graduate in honors I will smile at my mom and tell her I love you I did it, and I did it for you.

Conclusion In closing, I have established a variety of goals, I know there will be many barriers to overcome but I will achieve it I will succeed in life and become someone important. The high-expectations I have for myself will give me the motivation in completing my Business degree and graduating from California College San Diego in Honors. In brief, I want to become someone important in the business world working for a high-end company. I am not only motivated by my loved ones but also I am self-motivated to be great, to live great and to do great.

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