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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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There are many different gangs; some only allow certain races or colors to be considered part of the gang. Other gangs require an entrance fee which includes doing something to prove you are worthy to become part of the gang. This is anywhere from sexual acts to thievery to violent crimes to include killing people. The age range of gangs varies tremendously and includes ages from 9 years to 40 years and even beyond in some cases. There is a gang called The Satanic Cult who is based in the Gaithersburg, MD area. Their actions are pretty synonymous with their name.

They practice in the ways of ritual animal and human sacrifices. Those that were not Caucasians were not allowed as well as those who had brown hair. The age range varies within this gang and there is no specific entry fee but the moment the gang feels you are no longer part of the gang they will then kill you. The Crips are from Los Angeles and are predominantly African American. This gang is one of the largest in the US and is involved in numerous murders, robberies, drugs and other various forms of criminal activity. They are also always in open warfare with the Bloods, also from Los Angeles.

The Bloods are similar to the Crips and were originally the Crips back in 1970 until an internal war started which separated the original gang. The bloods show much disrespect to the Crips and are generally involved in the same thing as the Crips. Both can be found in the US and Military databases as threats. The Mexican mafia, yet another faction in Los Angeles teaches their children from a very young age on how to hold and operate a gun, helps their friends and neighbors with drugs, mainly heroin and is prevalent with car jackings so that the parts can be sold on the black market.

Everything this gang does is done broadly and openly among all family members, regardless of their age. In Oregon there is a different type of gang and that is the outlaw motorcycle related gangs. One of these gangs is called the Mongrols and have four different chapter is the Eugene and Central Oregon area. Their ultimate punishment for infractions is to beat to death, the person who allegedly did wrong against the club. Their main operations include motorcycle jackings, drugs, prostitution, trafficking, and assaults and have additional chapters in both Australia and Germany.

There is an estimated 1 million gang members throughout the US. The majority of them are involved in various criminal activities and there are only a few gangs who do good. Motorcycle gangs from The American Legions across the US do rides together for the benefit of children. So even though this is a small percentage, it goes to show not all gangs are bad, granted the majority of them are.


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