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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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April 1, 2007 our graduation day. Our final day in high school. The day weve been waiting for. The day wherein we are going to close another chapter of our lives, to finally cross the line, to reach the stars and sadly, to say goodbye.

Four years. Four years of projects, assignments, examinations, bundles of research papers cramming so hard just to pass it on the deadly deadline clearances, and a whole lot more. But then, its still just the first phase, we still need to continue what we have started. And thats the college life. A lot will change, for sure. But the memories, the fun, the experiences¦ It all cant be taken away just like that. High school life is still the best ever. Here, we can feel the hardships, sense of responsibility, the fun of life, the game of love, the puzzle of choices, the mending of heartaches, the signal to move on, the time that we are being pressured, the friends we can talk to, the teachers we once both loved and hated, the events we will never forget.

Every start has an end. But hey, the question is: Is this really the end of it? I dont think so. I know that therell be more to come.  Think positive always. Set your choices and goals in life on the right track. Cite your target and aim to success! All of these, all of what we have now were made possible by our hard work, the sweat and blood of our parents and the guidance of God.

May it be that what we have learned over the past years will mold us to be better people. People who dont just go along with this fast-paced world, but people who see the end of the road clearly. As what Mr. Gasapo said last Friday night, You must have a 20/20 vision.

Fellow graduates, that paper your diploma is your key to that dimension. A dimension which will offer a lot of opportunities to choose from. And from these opportunities, will be your life. Live that life. Never waste it. Stand to what you believe in is right, as long as it is really the right one. Show the power of the youth. Dont put yourself down caused by the words of other people. Take it as a challenge in life and say, This will pass.

Yes, this will pass. We have passed a lot of controversies. Our unique batch survived and will continue to survive the quest of life. From Qui Seperabit? to Con Brio, we held hands and fought the strong waves. And here we are, with our caps and togas on, ready to pursue what we really wanted.

The class prophecy said it all. Who knows? During our alumni homecoming, it might all come true. Today, Ill take this opportunity to plug a website. It is where the farewell speeches of my fellow graduates are posted on. Please, if you have time, visit With this simple site, may it bring back and reminisce thoughts of high school life to you.

Con Brio 2007, we are indeed with vigor and brilliancy. Hold that name wherever you go and be proud! May I request the Con Brio 2007 to please sing with me the first stanza of our class song, Goodbye my Friend. (””-)

Yes, let us keep the knowledge we have learned. Let us live the dreams we have dreamed of. Let us show the world what we really have. Together, forever, we will stand. We will bid goodbye today, but never will we go away. We will look back to our alma mater for it is here, where it all began. Farewell! Farewell! Hope to see you again in the crossroads of life.

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