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Grapevine is a small city located at the northeastern corner of the Tarrant County in Texas (Young). In 2006, the U. S Census Bureau had estimated its population to be 48,583. The city, named Grapevine due to the rich plantations of wild mustang grapes, is particularly known for its preserved historical sites that serve the purpose for tourist ventures (Young).

Although the exact timeline of the original settlements in Grapevine varies in the existing records, the official Grapevine website, in its Business and Economic section, states that it witnessed its first occupants in the early 17th century; however, the city experienced delay in its recognition. It was eventually incorporated in 1907, and by the year 1965, it was declared a Home Rule municipality. Under this rule, Grapevine has total governing authority over itself as long as it is in compliance with the state and federal legislature. The city government actually enacts the Local Government Code Section 51.

001, which states: The governing body of a municipality may adopt, publish, amend, or repeal an ordinance, rule, or police regulation that is for the good government, peace, or order of the municipality¦and is necessary or proper for carrying out a power granted by law to the municipality or to an office or department of the municipality. (Akers & Mueller 6) Due to this freehand provided to the Home Rule municipalities by the law, the city has staunch control over the election of officers; the selection procedure, required qualification, term of office, and duties, are all determined by the local government.

An officers term can actually be doubled through a minor adjustment in the charter by the municipality (Akers & Mueller 10). According to the Residents FAQ section of the official Grapevine website, the mayor in concert with six other council members makes up the city council. This governing body represents the democratically elected political authority that is responsible for making the laws. The elections for the selection of the council are held at large for three year terms; however, they usually take place in staggering years.

Furthermore, the City Manager section of the Grapevine website states that the council employs a qualified and experienced person in order to supervise the provision of various services to the people as well the day-to-day functionality of the area. The Tarrant County is basically an operative faction of Texas. As compared to the cities, the county has a restricted area of authority. The major court in each of Texas counties is the commissioners court. Each court is run by four commissioners and a single judge. In order to build a foolproof system throughout the state, various elective offices are present in all counties.

These offices include sheriffs, lawyers, accountants, tax collectors, etc. In order to ensure a flawless execution of all tasks, auditors are assigned to each county by the district courts. However, the county departments that are directly under the commissioners court include healthcare, personnel management, transportation, budgeting, etc. (The Structure of Texas). It was in the year 1991 that a Historic Preservation Ordinance was created to preserve the citys unusual architectural legacy as well as the various historic places.

The two main districts created by the ordinance are the Grapevine Commercial Historic District and the College Street Historic District (Historic Preservation). Apart from exhibiting the traditional architecture of Grapevine, these districts host numerous restaurants, cultural art galleries, sale of antiques, and wine-tasting, emerging as a unique tourist site (Grapevine Historic). Works Cited Akers, Monte & Laura Mueller. Alphabet Soup: Types of Texas Cities. 13 Feb. 2009. Tenth Annual TCAA Riley Fletcher Basic Municipal Law Seminar. 30 Apr. 2010. http://docs. google. com/viewer?

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