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These two documents need to be completed by the company and sent off to the companies of house where they will assess if the organisation meets the requirements to trade under the name PLC. The companies of house will provide the organisation of a certificate of incorporation which gives them the legal right to start trading. Apart from the legal requirements the formation of a public limited company is a very expensive process compared to a sole trader or partnership and requires a great deal of documentation.

The company also needs to have at least 50,000 of share available before it can become a PLC. Another disadvantage is that the founder(s) of the company can end up losing total control of the organisation due to the company shares being readily available for sale on the stock exchange. Large organisations such as Tesco can become difficult to manage efficiently due to the size and capacity of the organisation which often results in staff feeling ignored by a remote management and the decision making can be difficult and take a great deal of time to be able to reach a conclusion.

Also detailed financial accounts of the organisation must be published each year, which provides valuable information on how the company is performing to competitors and prospective take-over companies. OBJECTIVES OF TESCO PLC Tesco is already the number one food retailer in Britain and one of the top three in the world, but the organisations wants to improve in stature and minimise the chances of potential competitors catching up. Tesco PLC has one main aims which it expects to achieve in order to continue it success in the competitive UK retail market against such competitors as Sainsbury and Asda.

To increase value for customers continually and to earn their lifetime loyalty For this specific aim, they have also set themselves several objectives to increase their chances of achieving the aim such as: 1. To understand our customers better than any of our competitors do. This objective was set so that the customer service provided and the understanding of customers by Tesco PLC is the best in the market and to ensure their closest competitors are not capable of competing. 2. To earn the respect of our staff for these values and to appreciate their contribution to achieving them.

Tesco PLC not only wants to appreciate the contribution of their external customers but also the internal one. Tesco want to show that it cares for the needs and expectations of it staff. 3. To recognise that we have brilliant people working for us and to use this strength to make our customers shopping enjoyable in a way that no competitor can. Tesco PLC want to appreciate what their staff are doing for them and that will increase the staff moral and motivate them to continue with the work so potential competitors are kept at bay.

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