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Published: 2020-02-17 05:30:18
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This concept can be located all throughout the Bible. Starting from the book of Genesis up to the book of revelations and all those that could be located in between, wisdom over greatness is always highlighted, and in most cases, the Bible and its parables and stories often cite that wisdom is not necessarily a result of greatness, but greatness is the result of much wisdom. Perhaps the story that is most popular in relation to this passage is a story of Solomon the King. In the story of King Solomon, because of his services to the Lord, he had been given a chance to get one which.

He could have gained money or richness, power, greatness, and a host of many other options including immortality and the greatest power in the world. However, the humble king had chosen a something that was not expected to choose: wisdom. And this had not been the end of the story. As we go on deep into the story of Solomon the King in the Bible, many parables and stories had been a site that which exemplified his choice of wisdom over all the other things he could have wished for.

Let us just take for example the story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, a monarch who had visited his kingdom upon invitation and, as many of us already know, the parable about the room filled with flowers and the queen asking Solomon to choose among the many fake flowers the real thing. Another parable that we may cite for our purpose on the various leadership values and qualities from characters within biblical text are that of when King Solomon suggested dividing a baby into two to determine who the real mother of the child was.

Again, we could find this in the Old Testament of the Bible and the book of Kings. This passage and story is often cited not only in Sunday schools but also in various leadership texts and books. The story goes that the prostitutes came before King Solomon to resolve a quarrel about which of them was a true mother of a baby. When Solomon suggested and dividing them of invading to do with his sword, the true mother is finally revealed because she is willing to give up her child to the lying woman rather than have the child killed.

Song declares that the woman which shows compassion is indeed a true mother and gives a child to her. Also, there are various Ethiopian accounts on the leadership styles of the said King, and one such biblical figure in Jewish heritage goes above all else. It is also within his ruling period that the Temple was finally built. There are also various accounts in the Old Testament especially in the book of Kings were in wisdom is exemplified as a value in which the leader of Israel must possess.

Many such accounts are often held in high esteem by lecturers and preachers. However, for our purpose, it is also important for us to identify with wisdom does not necessarily have to be an outdated quality by most of our modern leaders (Woolfe, 2000). In the example of our case where we try to analyze operations of FMCG companies, the quality of wisdom is essential for the fast distribution of goods not only in its management and its operations, but also in the method for which managers and proprietors may be able to cope up with the high demand of their products.

The allocation of goods and resources is one of the most important characteristics and values cited by management dynamics specialists, for an order for an FMCG company to enjoy continuous flow of profit, the movement of goods and its allocations should be fast enough to cope up with the demand of consumers without sacrificing the well-being and welfare of the workers involved (Cavanagh, 2005).

in the Journal of family processes, Grunebau reiterates the importance of this value from the smallest unit of society which is the family, to the interactions of the government, and even to the intricacies of business (Grunebau, 2006). He cites the functional relationships between wisdom and integrate the values of society. He further states in his article that wisdom must be a requisite for most other values and director of sticks that could be found in leaders and heads of families.

Of course, because of the vagueness of the word itself, social psychologists and so sociologists avoid using the word wisdomand substitute them for words like schema and other such ideas which in the end is just a fine way of puttingknowing what to do and how to decide. We find this in many cases of the Bible where leaders and figures show wisdom by being able to decide for their community the right decisions.

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