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Published: 2020-02-06 08:21:08
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As I got closer to the massive, muddy, mysterious green eyed monster, his one eye took the whole of his face. In the jungle of Africa where the atmosphere was silent, I heard a loud growl in the silent, small, smelly jungle. I never reacted to the loud growl. I thought it was a lorry or something but as I got closer to the monster, it had his gigantic mouth opened, as if it was a part of the jungle and it was camouflaged, so it would blend in with the trees of the jungle. This is a very famous place. People from all around the world have visited this mysterious jungle in Africa. I have read about this place, it is in the south of Africa, which has lots of gold, so many countries are linked to this continent. Why is it called the green eyed monster?

My opinion on why is it called a green eyed monster is that Its green and it only has one eye, which is very spooky, so it makes people who have not seen a one eyed monster before so it makes them want to see the green eyed monster. That is my opinion on why it is called a green eyed monster. The green eyed monster is about 5ft wide and 4ft long it has massive feet which are about 1.5ft wide and 1ft long and his one eye covers ¾ of his face which is a lot of space. His huge eyes are filled with blood, which is dripping every second to the ground and it makes a really loud dripping noise. I could smell the sweat and the horrible smell of the green eyed monster I could also taste a horrible taste in my mouth which reminds me of a monster which has lived there for many years and hasnt had a bath or a shower.

I have read about the green eyed monster and the history of it is really interesting. It was used to carry 500 tonnes of gold in Africa many years ago. It was also used for public transport. It could carry 700 people to one place and back within 5 minutes, which normally, on a lorry or bus, it would take around 45 minutes. It would probably take the space of 20 football pitches but as we now know it would only take around 4 pitches due there being very less people ; the green eyed monster would have probably killed them or eaten them so I have read there are no people in the space of 400 miles. I have also read that there was a blue eyed monster and there are many rumours going around such as (the green eyed monster is the blue eyed monster but It hasnt had anything to eat for 6 months so it turned blue due to the starvation.) I have also heard that green eyed monster had a son and it was called the blue eyed monster.

As we can see the green eyed monster has only one eye therefore it has to be related to the blue eyed monster. As we got closer to the green eyed monster it had developed and made his growl louder and his mouth was shining so bright you could go blind looking at it for more than 5minutes. It was like seeing green stars and suddenly it collapsed and it was not breathing or growling, but I got closer and I couldnt hear anything so there is no green eyed monster.

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