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Irwin Mansdorf in his article The Psychology Framework of Suicide Terrorism brings out another aspect of group psychology in an attempt to explain what has motivated various groups and their members to be involved in suicide bombing e disagrees with those portraying The Palestinians suicide bombers as desperate rot who are driven by their suicidal motives. He feels that individual psychopathology does not play any important role in this case. (Mansdart, I 2003)

Group dynamics are responsible in reinforcing behavior within these peoples culture where those who carry out suicide bombing are seen as heroes where their faces are displayed in the open for every one to see and their immediate families are handsomely rewarded for their sons bravely and commitment to serve the community. The families are rewarded with great respect and financial considerations. (Bloom, M 2004) Suicide in the clinical sense may be directly related to personal psychological state at the time of committing the acts.

In the case of suicide of suicide bombing, Irwin has observed that there is no close relationship with personal clinical psychopathology. He believes hat these people are drawn by the political and nationalistic aspects advocated by their groups. (Mansdart, I 2003) Kamikaze pilots used this tactic to attack American in the pacific during the Second World War. Several researches carried out have not pointed that the pilots were suicidal rather they are seen as people who were driven by a strong desire to fight for their country. They never at any time display any signs of abnormal behavior which could have led to suicide.

The letters Kamikaze pilots wrote to their families show that they were calm and in a peaceful state before they carried out the misson. Their expectations beyond death served as the motivational factor for them to fight the enemy knowing that they have served the nation and they will be heavily be rewarded in the life after. (Mansdart, I 2003) A closer look at the Tamil tigers brings out the same picture; the group has been responsible for the most suicide bombing carried out by any organization in the world. Those who carry out these activities are fighters who have are well trained and fully dedicated to their cause.

In all the cases the group chooses volunteers based on their record as fighters. Those who are involved in the suicide bombing are not described as victims of any psychological condition which can drive them to volunteer to participate in this activity but rather they are drawn by great dedication to serve their group and to a large extent liberate their people from the yokes of occupation. (Bloom, M 2004) In most cases of suicide bombing according to Irwin observation the purpose of mission is rarely due to desperation or hopelessness. The suicide bombers were focused drawing inspiration from nationalism and large the group identity.

Irwin explains that group pressure and identity inspires a suicide bomber into action. They are manipulated ,brainwashed and made to believe that after carrying out the mission they will be honored as martyrs, their families will be recognizes and reward greatly. The recruits are never allowed to leave denying the m an opportunity to back down from the mission. (Mansdart, I 2003) Recruitment The number of organizations carrying out attacks has increased in the recent past. These organizations are found in almost all the corners of the world.

This increase also means the number of recruits needed to carry out the suicide attacks is on the rise. According to the latest statistics more than forty countries in the world have experienced suicide bombing attacks since 1980s. It is estimated that there are sixty known groups which employ suicide bombing as a fighting technique. (Reuter, C 2004) Despite an increase in the number of organization employing this tactic, there have been no shortages of people of people who are willing to put their lives on the line for the sake of the organization or cause they believe in.

There has been an upward surge in the number of suicide bombings in the recent past, this means that the number of people who are willing to die for what they believe in has also increased. (Kramer, M 1991) Recruits in suicide bombing are drawn from a variety of backgrounds. There has been a perception that people who are involved are usually psychopaths, insane or poor but this is not the case. Most of those who have been recruited are usually well educated, relatively rich.

These are people who ready to sacrifice their lives for a cause and are more than willing to go to any length to kill themselves. In the recent past trends have been changing where even children have been involved in suicide bombings. As the Middle East conflict escalate militants groups in Palestine are actively involved in recruitment of young people. One of the groups Al aqsa-intifada has been actively involved in the recruitment of children as suicide bombers. Other groups which have been employing the same mode are the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Hamas are known to run kindergartens, where children are taught all the tactics and the need to sacrifice their souls for the sake of their people. These children in the kindergarten are made to believe that they are the holy martyrs in making. (Shay, S 2003) There are several factors that qualify one as a recruit for suicide bombing recruit. A number of organizations in the Middle East take into consideration ones religion. It has been noted that almost all the recruits who have participated in the Palestinians suicide bombings are staunch Muslims.

Once a new recruit is taken in especially children they are taken in for an intensive training which involves reciting of the Koran. Therefore knowledge of Koran becomes very crucial in taking in the recruits. Criminal record also plays a significant role in the selection of those who are to take part in any given task as far as these groups are concerned. Those who have a clean criminal record are first considered for the task, this is because they attract little attention from the authorities therefore carrying out their mission successfully.

(Reuter, C 2004) This is a policy that has been employed by the Hamas and the Hezbollah groups of the Middle East. (Noval, M 1999) Most of the organization rely on volunteers to carryout their missions, when the current Iranian president Mohmoud Ahamedinejad came into power he appealed to the youth from the Muslim countries to come forward and help in fighting Israel and United States. Most other terror groups appeal to their members to volunteer and get trained as suicide bombers .

In the Palestine there are many youth who are willing to volunteer, these people may be driven by the promises made or purely to fulfill their religious obligation as spelt out in the recruiting organizations. Most of the suicide bombers are selected at an early age, educated and then set off to carry out their duty when they are just about in their twenties or in their late teenage years. Those who a re recruited are normally encouraged to cut themselves from the outside world as they are subjected to the intense training and recitations of the holy book to prepare them for the task ahead.

Governments also sponsor some of the groups involved in the suicide bombings where those who participate are given monetary rewards. Iranian president is on the record urging his countrymen to come out and be trained for a fight with the western powers. Those who volunteered were promised compensation for the families and great honor once they have successively carried out the mission given. There have been considerable involvement of the Iranian government in the training of the terror outfits; a training center was opened when Ahamednijad came into power.

This center which came to be known as the Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison has been involved in recruiting and training of suicide bombers who according to the Iranian president are to help in fighting the western powers who have occupied the Muslim territory. The volunteers suicide bombers have been equated to nuclear bombs owned by the United States and Israel and they are meant to cause wanton destruction against the enemy. Conclusion Suicide bombers are just as ordinary people, but there are forces within them which make them carry out their missions.

These forces range from desparation, nationalistic ideals or religion. Debate on what makes a suicide bomber tick will continue for a long time as different people will see different motives for a given group of attackers. As far as those factors which breed terror remain with us suicide bombing will continue to be with us for a long time, attracting much attention from different scholars whose aim is to understand the factors behind these daring acts.


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