Hamburger and Added Value Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Customers are more concerned with eating healthier; and have also become increasingly more interested in the quality of food they are eating. Although they want to enjoy a burger they also want to know its of good quality. Unlike fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Gourmet burger Kitchen (GBK) offers this higher quality food. By offering this higher quality food it attracts customers, it also allows them to charge more as people are more willing to pay more for a better quality product than a low quality product, this therefore results in GBK achieving higher levels of added value than McDonalds due to this higher quality product.

GBK offers a smarter environment than traditional fast food restaurants. This means that the level of service offered is much higher. This allows GBK to achieve a higher level of added value as they are offering something McDonalds isnt. This is one of their unique selling points. By offering this service it allows them to charge more because the environment people are eating in is smarter, this therefore means an increase in there added value. Robert Tame, founder of fine burger company believes that its not just about the product. Its also about the environment you are presenting the burgers in

Food at GBK is considered to be healthy in comparison to the food sold at McDonalds. Customers are more concerned about eating healthier than they have been before, and GBK offers a more varied and less calorie menu. This means that GBK can achieve a higher level of added value than McDonalds because customers dont mind paying more for something if its more beneficial to them than another product on the market. This therefore means that they can achieve this higher level of added value than McDonalds.

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